They’re a talented bunch, our team. From HR and Finance to Technical and Support, we’ve got a lot of skill and knowledge at Hireserve HQ – and we want to share some of this with you!

Below are interviews about everything from reporting to graduating. So do have a browse and discover some pearls of wisdom from the humans behind Hireserve.

Paul: Getting the best out of your reports

We spoke to Paul B, our resident Report Builder expert, on how to get the best out of your candidate data and ATS reports.

‘Jump in and have a play with the data you can get out of the system, and contact your support team if you can’t make sense of it. They should be able to let you know what information on that screen means and can explain how different types of information knit together.’

Anton: System security health check

Anton gave us an insight into staying secure online. With reams of candidate and job data, it’s essential to ensure your Applicant Tracking System – and you personally – are protected online.

‘Whatever system you go for, it needs to have the ability to block and respond to Denial of Service attacks and be able to monitor these. Large scale phishing attacks like spam emails with infected content are also very common so it is important that users only open attachments from people they are expecting them from.’

Rob: The future of recruitment software

When we spoke to Rob, our sights were firmly set on the future. We wanted to understand what future developments he predicted in recruitment technology and what expectations in-house recruitment teams have.

‘Implementing ‘quick-wins’ or ‘workarounds’ will never address a customer’s long term needs. It will lead to customer frustration, and unnecessary support calls, which don’t add up to a good customer experience.’

Archana: How to win at customer service

Fresh from our win at the Inspire Awards, we spoke to Archana about how to deliver service excellence.

‘To provide the best customer service it’s important that team members have a strong knowledge of the company and know the product well. Customers also want their service providers to be proactive and reach out to them.’

Lewis: Doing an apprenticeship

Lewis joined us last year as an Apprentice, and is now a permanent member of the team, having been promoted to Junior Web Developer. We take a look back to when he was an apprentice and how he found the experience.

‘When I was learning about web development and software development in the past, there were a lot of concepts and processes that I struggled to see how they could be used by development teams. Though my apprenticeship, not only have I learned a lot more theory but I have also been able to apply it during my day to day activities and put two and two together.’

Liam: What makes outstanding recruitment technology

As Team Leader of the Development Team, Liam is always on his toes planning and building new features within Hireserve ATS whilst also reacting to customer needs and investigating support issues. We asked him what makes an exceptional recruitment system.

‘An ATS is a complex system but almost anyone should be able to use the software, it needs to be both smart and user friendly. A quote I heard recently really springs to mind here; “the child isn’t a genius for using a tablet, the engineer was a genius for building a tablet that a child could use”‘

Kirsty: Graduation…then what?

Kirsty, who was our intern last year, told us about how it felt to graduate in today’s job market. Kirsty moved on to a new exciting opportunity after her internship with us, so she is a 2015 graduate success story!

‘I know some students in my course who haven’t felt that they have the best career prospects ahead of them because of their degree but then I also know plenty of people, including myself, who have managed to get jobs straight out of University which are related to their degree which shows that it is possible.’

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