What do you think of when you bring to mind an ATS supplier?

The salesman who totally ‘got’ what you were looking for but disappeared without a trace after implementation? Or the support team who are outstanding at placing you on hold… but less so at answering your questions.

We’ve written a new post for UK Recruiter about what in-house recruiters should be looking for in an ATS supplier.

When you’re looking for a new system, you’re of course going to be focused on the technology – functions and features. But to really get the best out of your system, you need to also be checking essential attributes off your ‘supplier’ checklist.

From flexibility to an appetite for adventure, we explore the traits you should really be looking for in an ATS supplier.

Read it now: Your ATS supplier – who should you be looking for?

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About the author

Hannah Vincent

From candidate experience to flexible working, and from supporting graduates to ATS reports; Hannah's written it all over the years! Hannah has contributed to publications as diverse as The Guardian, UK Recruiter and University Business. She is also the wordsmith behind our whitepapers and guides, from GDPR to Employee Volunteering.