In the last ten years, the recruitment process has been aided and enhanced by advances in recruitment software. 

Primarily for large organisations or those companies with large recruitment requirements, e-recruitment is now a central business application and one that all organisations, no matter their size or industry sector, should consider.

Reducing recruitment costs, the potential to reach a wide range of candidates around the clock, managing large volumes of CV’s together with the ability to more effectively populate, manage and utilise talent pools are some of the reasons that the SME market should be looking towards recruitment software.

In addition, trends towards encompassing social media to both seek work and advertise opportunities is a key driver in looking towards a system to manage the recruitment process and incorporate a social media driven recruitment strategy.

Currently, job opportunities attract a high number of applications and if traditional methods are followed this can quickly become unmanageable.   Incorporating a web based application process gives organisations a fast, efficient method of managing large numbers of CV’s and the ability to secure talent far more quickly.

On-line recruitment systems must take on board new recruitment strategies, practices and challenges as well as the needs of the SME market, providing it with effective, affordable e-recruitment software configured to its specific recruitment requirements.

Hireserve has no doubt that all organisations will use e-recruitment technology in the future and is certainly something all organisations should consider.