Do you have Applicant Tracking Software (ATS), or are you still looking for your ideal system?

We’ve spent the past year looking at some of your biggest in-house recruitment challenges and explaining how Applicant Tracking Software can help you tackle them.

From screening candidates to improving your communication, here’s our recommended reading list for you:

Applicant Tracking Software and… saving you money

Whether it’s reducing your reliance on agencies or helping you take control of your recruitment spend, we take a look at your recruitment budget challenges.

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Applicant Tracking Software and… saving you time

Decent recruitment software should automate administrative tasks, freeing up you and your team’s time for more strategically valuable work. But how?

Read it now: The 3 ways an ATS can save you time

Read it now: Recruitment administration – is it time to lose the pen and paper?

Read it now: How can an ATS aid your screening process?

Read it now: Solving your recruitment challenges: Time

Applicant Tracking Software and… using your data

Your Applicant Tracking Software should come with a suite of standard reports. But how do you get the best out of that data?

Read it now: The humans behind Hireserve: Paul

Read it now: The 3 ATS reports you need to be using

Applicant Tracking Software and…more!

Technology like an ATS is complex – evolving to meet new needs from the recruitment industry, its users and candidates.

It’s constantly expanding with new features and entering new territories, from social recruitment to mobile applications.

So our final blogs in today’s round-up cover everything from integrations to applicant tracking jargon:

Read it now: Spotlight on ATS integrations

Read it now: The 3 ways an ATS can centralise your recruitment

Read it now: Busted! We bust recruitment software jargon

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