As you might be able to tell, creating a sustainable, flexible workplace is a topic close to our hearts.

It’s still such an important topic for employers to take note of. We often write about own own experiences and perceptions of a flexible workplace, as well as sharing illuminating articles from other like-minded souls.

As we’re approaching the end of 2016, we felt it was timely to pull together a library of some of the flexible workplace resources, blogs and ideas we’ve shared over the year.

We hope you enjoy!

1. Defining flexible working

We raise our concerns about trying to ‘define’ a flexible workplace. Is it a perk? Is it just an alternative to 9-5? 

Read it now: How do we define flexible working?

2. The dangers of trying to define flexible working

Andy Lake, author of the Smart Working Handbook, shares his thoughts with Flexible Boss magazine about why we’re so eager to define a flexible way of working – and how by doing that, we’re contradicting ourselves! 

Read it now: ‘Let’s nail down flexible working’

3. Combining family and full-time work

Our Senior Systems Analyst, Archana, shared her story for the best practice report. She speaks about balancing family and a busy full-time role.

Read it now: Archana’s story

4. The secret to agile working

Frustrated with some of the contradictory ideas surrounding a flexible workplace, we shared our thoughts on what we feel is a truly agile and holistic way of working – and it had nothing to do with core hours or timesheets!

Read it now: True flexibilty: personal, agile and individual

5. Have we got the language of flexibility right?

An interesting piece written by Tom Ball for the Guardian, focusing on the way we debate flexible working and the terms we use to do so.

Read it now: The debate about flexible working for women is missing the point

We’d love to hear your thoughts on a flexible workplace – do you think it’s practical or sustainable for your business Have you experienced flexibilty from your employer? We’ll be back with another top round-up next week. Until then! 🙂

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