As you can probably tell from many of our blog posts, we’re always keen to explore topics like employee engagement and company culture.

So when the good folks at NeoMam Studios shared their latest infographic about whether an 8 hour day helps or hinders productivity levels, we were pretty interested.

Produced for Podio, the infographic charts three alternatives to the traditional working day – and this got Kirsty and me thinking.

Intrigued by ideas such as the Pomodoro Technique and the concept of regular 15 minute breaks, we’re embarking on a workplace experiment to see how these methods could boost our productivity.

Will formal tea breaks stave off procrastination? Will dividing the day into 25 minute windows replace the usual 9-5? And will Kirsty and I notice any effect on our productivity and focus?

Next week I’ll be trying out the Pomodoro Technique and updating you on my findings, whilst Kirsty will be trialling the 15 minute break pattern.

Could we be the new pioneers of productivity? Stay tuned to find out how we get on – and in the meantime check out the infographic below.

Productivity infographic

Produced by NeoMam Studios for Podio – shared with kind permission.

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