Your recruitment reads for this week are inspired by the HR and Recruitment technology being showcased at the CIPD Software Show.

  1. Technology to improve the human touch

It’s not uncommon to experience the gap between data-driven, unemotive technology and the intuition and personal skills of HR professionals.

“On the one hand, HR prizes human insights and “soft” skillsets (amongst others), but these are precisely the qualities that technology has often been perceived to lack. So how do you marry these apparent opposites to deliver and manage effective HR?”

This article from CIPD argues that technology and HR go hand in hand, and that new advances in HR technology can actually improve the services that HR offers by improving its human element.

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  1. Forget spreadsheets, embrace new HR technology

This article from Sunrise warns us of the dangers of relying on spreadsheets for your HR needs.

“When you are dealing with hundreds or even thousands of employee cases and queries every month and then logging these in your faithful spreadsheet, there are a whole variety of reasons why this has the potential to go very, very wrong.”

Although spreadsheets might be what you’re familiar with using, it might be time for you to update your processes and embrace the new HR and recruitment technology available today.

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  1. How employees can enhance your hiring

The best way to attract candidates may be to encourage your existing employees to connect with them – that’s the opinion of Social Talent.

“If candidates are interested in working for your company or are prompted to check out a company after a recruiter’s approach, they will be especially curious to find out more about the job and the company from the people who know the most about it: the employees.”

And how best to do that? Technology. From ‘welcome GIFs’ to a ‘Snapchat takeover’, Social Talent go into some of the creative ways your employees can utilise technology to attract potential candidates.

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  1. UK adults are turning to the internet to learn new skills

With the increase of knowledge sharing on the internet, UK adults are now turning online to learn the new skills they need to get ahead in the job market.

“The most active online learners are professionals, mums, and dads with many commitments, and a desire to proactively make a significant change to their lives.”

This article from HR Review goes into how individuals are finding new ways to learn and improve their career prospects.

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