We’re exploring all things in-house recruitment, from an interview with In-house Recruitment Network, to how you can excel at onboarding.

  1. Get to know the Founder of the In-house Recruitment Network

As well as holding In-house Recruitment LIVE! and many other events, the In-house Recruitment Network is a hub of knowledge when it comes to all things recruitment. We interviewed Founder Mark Lennox earlier in the year.

Q. What are you most excited about in the recruitment space over the next 12 months – is it use of technology, social media, online testing, changing processes…?

A. For me it has to be the technology and how the in-house teams are embracing and empowering themselves. It’s all leading to a utopia of candidate experience which I’m absolutely delighted about. Very soon, it will be an absolute pleasure to be on the job hunt – yes I really did say that.”

In this question and answer session, Mark provides Hireserve with an insight into his recruitment career and life with the In-house Recruitment Network, as well as his thoughts on the recruitment industry in general. We even got to talking about his favourite biscuit.

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  1. The importance of employer branding

Employer branding is often not given enough care and attention, and this can damage not only a candidate’s experience, but also a business’ consumer brand.

“What we’re finding is that when it comes to building a strong employer brand, many organisations are still falling short because they’re failing to see candidates as consumers. As such, not enough importance is being placed on providing a positive candidate experience.”

HRreview looks at how organisations can improve their employer brand (as well as protect their consumer brand) by viewing candidates as consumers, and as such delivering a higher standard of candidate experience.

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  1. Hireserve: ATS myth-busters

The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) occasionally comes across some opposition within in-house recruitment circles. Whether it’s the perception of a lack of person touch or the fear of losing control of your existing processes, recruitment software is perceived by some as a less-than-perfect solution.

“How to beat the ATS… How to make sure your CV gets through the system… We’ve seen a multitude of articles along these lines. There’s this idea that an ATS is like the Crystal Maze, and if a candidate’s CV doesn’t contain the right keywords, they’ll never make it to the final round in the Crystal Dome.”

In our very own guest blog for In-house Recruitment Network, we work to dispel these ATS myths by exploring each in detail, and giving you the facts about how an Applicant Tracking System really works with you.

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  1. Achieve the best recruitment ROI with more effective onboarding

Recruitment doesn’t end at the job offer. To make sure you achieve hiring success and the best ROI on your recruitment, a candidate needs to be onboarded effectively, or you risk your new hire leaving soon after joining.

“As in-house recruiters, we know that finding the right person for the job is only half the challenge. Success ultimately rests on each new hire integrating successfully into the organisation and going on to become a productive (and permanent) employee.”

The FIRM (a networking community for in-house recruiters), asks how ineffective onboarding strategies are affecting new hire retention, in their recent article.

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