We love reading and sharing content here at Hireserve.

But sharing a link on Twitter has a short shelf-life. So, in a new series, we’re going to be compiling a regular reading list of the articles that have resonated with us, made us think or made us laugh in the world of HR, recruitment, tech and education.

1. Do we need to change the way we recruit young talent?

Is the disconnect between employers and Millennials causing organisations to miss out on innovative talent? And is it discouraging Generation Y candidates from applying for your roles?

Written for The Drum, this article explores why we may need to throw our screening and interview rules out of the window.

“You’re not seeing the true person in an interview and sometimes that may mean that the best interviewee gets the role, rather than the best person for the job”

We’ve written extensively about bridging the gap between employers and young people. You can read our employability collection here.

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2. How to convince your employer that flexible working is right for both of you

Flexible working continues to dominate headlines – often because many organisations still aren’t embracing it. In this piece for the Guardian, a partner at EY and working mother explains how she presented flexible working as a business case – and why it worked.

“I saw it, and still do, as a two-way agreement – the business flexing around me and me flexing around the business.”

From misconceptions of flexible working to continued gender imbalance in the workplace, have a look at our other library of Flexible Working reads.

Read it now: If you want flexible working you have to be upfront about it 

3. Using technology to improve your interviews

During a conversation with the author of this article, a recruitment consultant lamented about the difficulties of securing candidates’ attendance at interviews.

“What he wanted was an early warning system which would tell him when a candidate hadn’t turned up so that he could get on the phone and try to calm the client down.”

This type of ‘warning system’ would also be useful for in-house recruitment teams. Who can spare the time to wait for a candidate only to have them not attend their interview?

The answer could lie in a simple text message…

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4. Does Fido have the secret to staff well-being?

It’s the new ‘thing’ isn’t it – for the last image in your ‘About Us’ gallery to be of a four-legged, wet-nosed, canine companion.

We’re no different – and we’re certain that on the days when Mabel’s in the office, we do all have an extra spring in our step.

As reported in this piece for the Guardian, research and workplace evidence is creating a compelling case for dogs in the office.

“…it’s likely to increase cooperation and other positive behaviours among members of work groups.”

Read it now:  Paws for thought: Why allowing dogs in the office is a good idea

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