In Software Advice’s recent survey of HR and recruitment software buyers, it found that lessening HR and recruitment administration was a key reason for evaluating new software.

Top of the list at 44% was HR and recruitment professionals’ desire to improve efficiency, closely followed by the need to automate processes and reduce paperwork.

What also came to light was that 48% of potential buyers are still using manual methods to undertake their HR and recruitment processes!

HR and recruitment administration infographic

Recruitment administration is such a headache – and the right recruitment software can act as the perfect pain-killer. How? Let’s take a look at three of the most common administrative tasks…

  1. Posting jobs

You really want to maximise your vacancies’ reach, and you want your job to be seen by a diverse pool of candidates. So posting your vacancy to a range of job-boards is a sensible move.

But you knew that recruitment administration headache was lingering somewhere, didn’t you? When you come to post those jobs, you’re suddenly faced with the prospect of logging in to each job board site, checking through your listing, hitting submit… It takes its toll, particularly if you have a high volume of vacancies to post.

The right recruitment software should offer automatic job posting to multiple job-boards. Just imagine that clean, cool, automated process – click a button and your vacancy appears on all of your selected job-boards!

  1. Screening candidates

If you’re tackling your candidate screening manually, you may already be in the throes of a recruitment administration migraine. With CVs sent in varying formats and saved as any number of different email attachments, reviewing them all consistently can be a draining process.

With recruitment software, there should be lots of tools to help lessen the strain of this process. From simple CV PDF conversions to quick and easy sharing between colleagues and managers, every aspect of the process can been automated and streamlined.

What’s more, many recruitment systems should integrate with a range of smart CV search and matching tools to help reduce your administration even more.


  1. Scheduling interviews

Now, we know very few of you are *actually* using pen and paper – but using manual methods such as email communication or Excel spreadsheets to process recruitment administration could prove equally as slow.

Scheduling interviews can be a long-winded procedure, particularly if you have a high volume of candidates. Instead of emails back and forth to candidates, consider alleviating your recruitment administration by allowing candidates to self-select interview slots. This is possible with some recruitment software, and can save you invaluable time.

These are just three of the ways recruitment software can help to reduce your levels of manual recruitment administration.

For recruitment teams seeking a more efficient process and less paperwork, as many of the Software Advice report respondents were, investing in online recruitment software can mean you can finally put down that pen and paper…

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