Recruitment, much like an Olympic Marathon, can be a lengthy and resource-draining process.

There are, however, ways of streamlining your recruitment activity to ensure that you obtain the best possible results, whilst saving time and cost.

With Rio 2016 now upon us, we felt it was time to put a sporty spin on our in-house recruitment advice. So, set against the backdrop of an Olympic Marathon, we’ve explored each stage of the recruitment process in our new blog for Onrec. From the starting gun to the finish line – how could you improve your recruitment process to ensure a hiring triumph every time?

“Just like an athlete, you need you make sure that when the starting gun fires, you’re as prepared as you can be…. With the right preparation, approach and feedback, there are ways to streamline your recruitment processes to cut time and cost, and to ensure that you hire your golden candidate every time.”

Read it now: Recruitment: The Marathon

Also offering advice on how to deliver the best possible candidate experience, this article can help to elevate your recruitment process to golden standards.

“You’ve found your star candidate, and you may think that the recruitment process is over. However, much like the most successful athletes, you need to make sure that you’re always improving.”

Hire your star candidate every time, reduce time and cost, and also deliver amazing candidate experience. Now that’s winning the race.

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Tristan Potter

Tristan has a decade's worth of experience writing content and copy for organisations across Bristol and the Southwest of England. He has written on a diverse range of topics, including technology, philosophy, politics, and recruitment. His writing has appeared in The Drum, HR Grapevine, and The Guardian, among other publications. He joined Hireserve in March 2022.