From screening candidates to scheduling interviews, in-house recruitment is fraught with time-consuming processes.

One of the key benefits of recruitment software is that it automates many of these time-heavy tasks to make them more efficient – and no doubt you’ve heard this claim A LOT. So we wanted to focus on three time challenges and tackle them in more detail.

1. I know that good candidate experience hinges on communication – but I simply don’t have time to contact candidates.

Your Applicant Tracking System should offer you the ability to send personalised candidate communications in bulk at each stage of the recruitment process, from application acknowledgement to outcome of interview and beyond.

To enhance your employer branding and candidate communication further, these email templates can be designed to reflect your brand elements with font, colours and imagery to ensure your candidates experience a connected and professional process.

Although using bulk email communications may feel as though you’re losing the human touch, in reality they’re freeing up time to make sure you can fit in emailing candidates. An automated message is better than no word at all – and if your ATS offers the chance to personalise emails by pulling in candidate details, as well as aligning with your brand, that’s a big step in the right direction!

2. I’m arranging interviews with a number of candidates and the administration is really draining my time.

Some Applicant Tracking Systems might offer you the option for your candidates to self-select their own interviews.

Instead of emails back and forth arranging times for interviews, put the power into your candidates’ hands by giving them the opportunity to pick a time that suits them from a list provided by you.

It’s a quick and simple process for your candidates and a virtually admin-free task for you!

3. I’m interviewing candidates but am wasting time by transferring my feedback from paper CVs into our ATS.

Your recruitment software might offer you two solutions here. The first is a split-screen approach, whereby you have the candidate’s CV on one half of your screen and space to record your comments on the other.

After the interview, there’s no need to spend time typing up your feedback or even scanning in hard-copy CVs covered in scribbles. Instead, your feedback is already saved in your Applicant Tracking System.

Another terrific time-saving tip is if your ATS allows you to ‘score’ candidates during an interview. It can cleverly combine your scores with your colleagues, so there’s no need to waste time sharing feedback via email. Your team’s scores and feedback are held securely and neatly in your ATS.

Reducing administration and saving you time

So those are three typical recruitment challenges that we hope we’ve solved for you – or at least demonstrated that there is a better way if your current processes or systems aren’t working the way you’d like them to.

Recruitment software cannot fix all your in-house recruitment challenges, but it should absolutely excel at streamlining manual, lengthy tasks and save you time and money in the process.

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