You’ve found your perfect recruitment system: its reporting suite is a data geek’s dream, it’s ready for the world of social and mobile recruitment, and your supplier fills you with confidence that their support is going to be exceptional.*

But now it’s time for the implementation… and what on earth does that entail? Perhaps you’ve heard horror stories from your colleagues of the recruitment system implementation that seemed to go on forever. Downtime, data migration issues, a whirlwind of recruitment jargon…

Well, we can’t speak for all suppliers – but we can give you a whistle stop tour of some of the things you can expect from a recruitment system implementation.

1. Downtime and disruption should be minimal

The beauty of cloud recruitment software is that it doesn’t require an on-premise installation, so the physical disturbance to you during the process shouldn’t be cause for concern.

What’s more, a reputable supplier should carefully manage your recruitment system implementation and plan around your existing priorities, so that you’re aware well in advance of when your time is needed. This might include time for a kick-off meeting, training session and UAT (User Acceptance Testing) – plus the odd phone call.

2. You do have the chance to get involved in system configuration – if you’d like to!

Depending on your time constraints and workload, you might wish to have a hands-on recruitment system implementation.

Taking an ‘Assisted Build’ approach means you’re involved in the configuration of the system, instead of your implementation consultant doing the work before passing the system back to you.

This can prove incredibly beneficial, as you’ll grow in confidence using the system during your implementation, which may have the added bonus of reducing training costs in the future.

3. Your configuration is not set in stone

An outstanding Applicant Tracking System needs to be agile to support your organisation over time. As such, you also need a flexible supplier who responds to requests positively.

Before your recruitment system implementation, your supplier should prepare a plan for you, tailored to your specific needs. This should mean that you’re pretty happy with the scope of your system at the point when implementation begins.

But if you’re not – or if you realise that actually you need a tool slightly altered – it shouldn’t be a great challenge for your implementation consultant to adjust the configuration of your recruitment system. Effective systems should be capable of great flexibility.

Preparing for your recruitment system implementation

Understand exactly what your team needs from your system. Discuss your requirements with your recruitment system supplier to make sure you are confident in their ability to deliver.

With top notch cloud technology, a skilled consultant and flexible system, your recruitment system implementation shouldn’t cause you any worry.

*Sounds like us, doesn’t it….  🙂

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