Time for our third guest post for Ingenium People, the training company dedicated to in-house resourcing professionals. 

You’ve had that moment when you realise that this Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is your perfect match. Sleek user interface, magnificent reporting tools, seamless social integrations – whatever your must-haves are, this ATS ticks all the boxes.

Now you just have to convince everyone else. Easy right?

In our latest post for Ingenium People, we share our thoughts on building a solid business case to help secure buy-in from the Senior Decision Makers in your company. How do you do it?


Unfortunately, we can’t take you to the original blogs as the links no longer work. However you can find out more about securing buy-in for your ATS by downloading our whitepaper.

About the author

Hannah Vincent

From candidate experience to flexible working, and from supporting graduates to ATS reports; Hannah's written it all over the years! Hannah has contributed to publications as diverse as The Guardian, UK Recruiter and University Business. She is also the wordsmith behind our whitepapers and guides, from GDPR to Employee Volunteering.