Recruiting in the current job market can be challenging. The increase in remote-working opportunities has widened the talent pool considerably, meaning that employers are no longer geographically bound to applicants in their location. But this also means that there is more competition for the best talent than ever before.  

Increasingly, hiring managers are relying on free job posting sites. Such job sites are crucial for in-house recruitment teams seeking to maximise the reach of their vacancies. Being able to advertise your job postings around the internet for free is essential to employers looking to find the right applicants.  

The significance of these job boards is only likely to increase. With all the talk of the ‘great resignation’ in the UK, and with an estimated 9 million workers set to change jobs in the first half of 2022, these job boards are effective because it means that recruiters can advertise roles without ratcheting up the cost of the hiring process. 

Utilising a diverse range of job boards will help employers find and recruit the best talent. It’s essential for employers to understand which of these sites are the most useful. Some popular sites like ZipRecruiter can cost money every time an applicant interacts with one of your job postings, so it’s important that employers understand which of these sites are free. With an Applicant Tracking System, your job postings can also be automatically posted to some free job posting sites.  

Recommended Free Job Sites 


Indeed is one of the largest and most popular free job posting sites, with an estimated 19 million visitors to the site in the last month and serving over 250 million job seekers. Indeed will automatically optimise job postings for mobile as well, with around 60% of their monthly traffic coming through mobile devices. While there is an option to pay to boost your job advertisements through pay-per-click, the service is primarily free for in-house recruitment teams.  


Monster is an internationally renowned career site. Its been around for over 25 years and was one of the very first sites where recruiters could post jobs. In the UK, they receive over half a million visits to their site every month and boasts a mobile app where job seekers can search for and apply to job ads. With Monster+, employers can post jobs to the site for free.  


The Ladders is one of the best sites to advertise high-paying jobs – we’re talking six-figure salaries. This does mean that you are unable to use this site to post jobs with salaries below £40,000 per year. Even so, if you’re looking to recruit into your senior leadership team, you can advertise up to 20 jobs for free whilst also gaining access to an unlimited CV search feature.  


Although not nominally a free service, hiring managers can use a free trial on Glass Door for job posts. The site is said to have as many as 30 million users per month, with most of those users looking for work. Job seekers on Glassdoor have millions of reviews and company insights at their disposal, and employers can try out the professional job board for free for up to 30 days.  

While many job boards cost nothing and hiring managers will want to make full use of free job posting, using a blend of paid-for and free services is recommended. Many of the top job boards do have subscription costs associated with their services and these can be valuable to employers looking to scout and recruit applicants.  

Recommended Paid-For Job Sites 


Reed is the UK’s number 1 job site, welcoming over 14 million visitors per month and featuring more than 260,000 job opportunities. Reed’s success can be attributed to the fact that they are the only UK job board advertising on TV all year round, with YouTube and social media promotion helping them to reach more job seekers than other platforms.  


Another of the UK’s leading jobsites, having been around since 1999. The Totaljobs group caters to specialists as well as more generalist roles, with a network that consists of Totaljobs, CareerStructure, City Jobs, eMedCareers, Jobsite, Just Engineers and RetailChoice. Together, these job sites provide employers with millions of searchable candidate profiles.  

The Benefits of Technology 

For employers looking to maximise the reach of their job ads, using an Applicant Tracking System can automate much of this process. With Hireserve, job posts are not just automatically shared to your business’ career site but also across the many job boards that we have integrated with. We are proud to be partnered with Indeed, Monster, and Reed, among others. This means that you get to benefit immediately from the reach of these job boards as soon as you have your job post ready. Not only does this decrease the cost per applicant, but also increases the quality of applicants you will get for the positions you are advertising. From some of the biggest names in the industry to niche sites, Hireserve ATS can simplify the recruitment process by making it extremely easy for you to post jobs across multiple job boards all at once. 

If you are a recruiter wanting to learn more about Hireserve’s industry-leading ATS, book a demo with one of our friendly team.  

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Tristan Potter is from Houston, Texas. He has over 8 years' experience writing content for software companies and professional services. Having joined Hireserve in March 2022, he is passionate about the ways in which technology can make organisations more efficient.