New research* this week revealed that employers rate candidate attraction, reduced costs and a reduced time to hire as the three most important factors when selecting their recruitment model. How can an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) meet these requirements? And can it really solve recruiters’ challenges?

Finding the right fit

Out of 272 senior HRMan with jigsaw puzzle piece and Procurement professionals, 67% rated attracting the right candidate as their biggest requirement. As we know, the recruitment landscape in certain sectors is becoming ever more competitive as employers strive to attract the talent they need to grow.

With a branded careers site, employers can strengthen their employer branding considerably by reinforcing brand values, demonstrating staff benefits and creating a connection between their self and the candidate.

Consider the difference: a pixel-perfect branded careers site with a simple online application form, or an inconsistently branded, counter-intuitive careers page with a time-consuming application process. If you were a talented web developer looking for a new role, which of these would leave you with a more positive impression?

Keeping costs low

Reducing costs was next on the surveyed employers’ list. With all data housed within one central online system, reviewing CVs and screening candidates manually is a thing of the past. This reduction in paperwork should result in a more efficient, streamlined and cost-effective process.

What’s more, an ATS should offer a comprehensive reporting function. Invaluable, real time management information, such as candidate source data, will highlight which advertising channels are the most effective, ensuring that money is not wasted on certain platforms or media.

Hiring – quickly!Happy employee

As many employers will know, an extended time to hire can be detrimental in terms of skills gaps, an understaffed team and the cost of freelancers/contract staff.

By systemising the entire recruitment process, from first uploading the job vacancy to appointing the successful candidate, every task can be progressed faster, as hiring managers can screen and filter, share data with colleagues, send bulk communications and more, all from within the ATS.

The benefits of an ATS

If it’s the right tool – a flexible and intuitive Applicant Tracking System, and you have the right supplier – a resourceful, creative and supportive team of recruitment technology specialists, an ATS should do the following for you with ease:

  • Aid your candidate attraction and engagement
  • Help you to manage your recruitment spend and update inefficient and costly processes
  • Reduce your time to hire

Still a bit unsure about what benefits an ATS can bring to you? Have a look at our software, Hireserve ATS, in more detail or, even better, have a chat with us.


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