UNIT4 Agresso Customer Conference– By Ben Gibson, UNIT4 UK

As organisations grow and develop the expectations placed upon HR departments become more complex and exacting. From employee relations to safety, compliance to training, compensation to recruitment, this complexity demands efficient solutions that put users at the heart of the particular function. UNIT4 Recruitment is such a solution.

In this blog post we look at three different areas to examine how UNIT4 Recruitment integrates with Business World On! (formerly Agresso) to deliver real benefits and unlocks efficiencies.

Requirement to Recruit: Posting a Vacancy from Business World On! to Unit4 Recruitment

Business World On! (formerly Agresso) allows you to store all positions within a Position Register, which can define the structure of your organisation. So what happens when a vacant position comes about? UNIT4 Recruitment gives you the ability to not only create a vacancy, but align that vacancy to a position within your organisation’s structure in Business World On!. On top of that, you decide what information transfers from the vacant position in Business World On! to the job ad when you Post. This including position title, job ad detail, and location. You may have one ad per position, meaning that next time it’s vacant, you won’t need to write it again. Not only does the position auto populate, but it means that you’ll keep a link between Business World On! HR and the Recruitment lifecycle, by pulling in applicant detail when ready. This will aid in reducing the time spent on the advertising and on-boarding process, freeing up your time to find the right candidate for the position.

Skills: from Recruitment to Employment

UNIT4 Recruitment’s unique ability to align skills and competence to applicants is matched by its ability to directly transfer competence to the Applicant Record in Business World On!. Defining at what point in the recruitment lifecycle you decide to transfer applicants to Business World On! gives you comfort in knowing that skills and competence will already be available on the applicant record. Not only is it available, it’s searchable; applicants, or even employees will now show up in searches for future opportunities that require that skill, or even if you have skill gaps. This will give you greater understanding from point one of the recruitment lifecycle, right through to filling your next job internally, and upskilling employees for a stronger, skill diversified workforce.

On-boarding candidates from UNIT4 Recruitment to Business World On!

Found a suitable candidate by utilising UNIT4 Recruitment? This could partly be because your candidate’s skills and qualifications were automatically scored using UNIT4 Recruitment’s scoring matrix, making you more efficient at finding the right candidate. Your suitable candidate will be automatically transferred into Business World On! ready for the on-boarding process to commence. The whole process is automatic, positions, roles and permissions are already set up in Business World On! ready for the new employee to inherit.  The workflow process will allow the right people to be involved in the new starter process at the right time and to perform the right tasks.  This will save you time and administration in setting up the employee and contract details as well as enabling users access to real time data at any stage in the process.

To find out how we can help you with this journey, contact us on 01275 377205 info.uk@unit4.com.