As you may know from our Hireserve Team page, several of us share the same surname (including Mabel!).

So we are delighted that our guest blog about working in a family business for the Guardian Small Business network has been published. Written by Hannah, it’s a personal account about how it feels to work for your parents.

“In the office, mum and dad are replaced with Karen and Jeremy. It helps to define those professional and personal boundaries, although I think it is harder for them than it is for me…

…While I strive for professionalism, there are moments where you simply have to embrace the position in which you’ve found yourself…

…I remain uncomfortable with any jokes along the lines of “being the boss’ daughter”.”

Jeremy, Hannah and Karen Ovenden, Hireserve family business
Jeremy, Hannah and Karen


Back when Jeremy established Hireserve in 1997, we could never have imagined the success of the business to date, let alone that it would become a family enterprise.

Almost two decades on, a lot has changed, from our fantastic team to the inspiring customers who use  our recruitment software every day.

So, as we approach the festive season, we’d like to say thank you to our team, customers, partners and more who have supported the development of this family business into a leading recruitment software supplier.

We hope you enjoy the blog! 🙂

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