In the current climate, we’re all facing the possibility of working from home indefinitely. If COVID-19 has put a dampener on your sociable working practices and perhaps you’re finding working from home far from what you imagined – we’re here to help. Here are some tips to help you manage distance working during these unprecedented times.

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Keep in touch
It seems obvious – but especially at the moment, your colleagues are all going through something similar. Keep in touch, share daily updates and find an excuse to maintain contact with everyone. Even if you aren’t struggling to adapt, you’re probably working with someone that is. At Hireserve, we love to have an update from our Head of Staff Morale, Mabel.

Sort a workstation
If you’re stuck at home all day every day, it helps to have a separate zone for working. This way, once you’ve finished for the day, you can log off, leave your workstation and draw that line between work and home. It also (hopefully) gives you somewhere you can be shut away from the chaos of every day family life.

Embrace technology
In this period of unprecedented disruption, more companies than ever are turning to digital alternatives to replace meetings. Using instant messaging software and utilising the video call functionality adds a social dimension to remote working and can really break up a long day of solitude.

Get some fresh air
While we’re currently facing a lockdown situation, there is nothing to stop you going to the park for a walk. As long as we’re all maintaining a distance and not crowding into spaces, there’s no reason to stay cooped up in the house all day.

Business as (almost) usual
For many businesses, the disruption we’re facing at the moment is going to have a drastic impact on recruitment plans. How can you hire new staff if you’re all working remotely? Well, there are always options to maintain continuity and reach your recruitment goals. Get in touch talk about the many different ways Hireserve ATS can help, from integrations with video interviewing platforms to including URLs from 3rd party web conferencing software and managing a Talent Pool.

So, there are many ways you can make a success of distance working. The solutions are often straight forward, but it doesn’t hurt to be reminded while we’re all distracted by the endless news cycle and worrying about what each week will bring. We’ll keep you posted with the methods our team use to cope as the weeks go by!

About the author

Tristan Potter

From recruitment into central government, to financial services and the charitable sector, Leah has worked across many industries in her wide ranging career! Now working as Hireserve's Senior Marketing Executive, Leah covers all things marketing - from maintaining our social media channels to managing logistics for events across the country.