While a face to face implementation is a nice way to begin a project – meeting key contacts from both organisations is beneficial in building relationships – remote implementations have their perks, too.

Much is still unknown about the future of our working practices, but one thing we can safely say is that it won’t be business as usual for a long while yet.  

If you are keen to implement a new Applicant Tracking System (ATS) remotely but unsure of how to approach the project without face to face meetings, we have some words of wisdom for you.

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Work collaboratively

When you first begin mapping the precise details of your new ATS, working remotely enables you to collaborate more effectively than ever.

Traditionally, the Design Workshop requires an Implementation Consultant to visit on site and therefore spans a full day face to face.

Remotely, these sessions have the flexibility to be spread over multiple days.

Keep pace by making time for these sessions on several consecutive days to minimise the need to recap on previous sessions.


Use technology to your advantage

Now so many of us aren’t in an office-based environment day to day, it’s advisable to decide early on who you would like to be involved in the process of designing your perfect system.

Identify your key players and formalise your formalise each individual team members project roles and responsibilities.

Whether using a Trello board, a group chat or a shared document, use technology to make sure everyone involved knows where they can follow project updates and make their contributions.


Notify and engage your stakeholders

Many people across your organisation will be affected by the implementation of this new piece of technology.

Come up with a digital communications plan throughout to share key milestones and updates with stakeholders.

Some may have a deep involvement, and some may know little.

By keeping everyone abreast of the project, you can gain buy-in far more effectively.

You will also see better rates of adoption once your new ATS goes live.


Testing, testing

Testing your new ATS remotely is just as straight forward as it would be if your Implementation Consultant is working on-site with you.

Chat to them about any small tweaks that will make your ATS just perfect for your organisation.

Involve the rest of the team and have a group call to discuss and agree to any changes you are planning to propose.


If in doubt, ask!

It can be harder to establish those all-important relationships without ever meeting face to face but rest assured – your Implementation Consultant is here to help.

There is no question too silly, no request too big.

Speak to a member of the team and we’ll be happy to talk you through the process start to finish.


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