We are pleased to share that we have an exciting new integration with Qlik, a leader in business intelligence and data visualisation, meaning we can now offer Advanced Analytics to our customers.

Powered by Qlik Sense technology, Advanced Analytics allows you to create intuitive and interactive graphs and charts from your recruitment data. From really drilling down into a data set to draw conclusions and details you didn’t think were possible, to creating visualisations that engage audiences and bring the information to life, Advanced Analytics has the capability to transform your ATS reports into engaging and enlightening data.


The range of graphs and charts available means you can present your recruitment data in the most effective, and the most creative ways, enabling you to enliven even the most functional-looking board reports and business cases with colourful and effective data visualisations. Advanced Analytics also enables you to export and share your findings with others simply and easily.

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Recruitment data can offer invaluable insights into the hiring process and recruitment campaigns. From source reporting to internal workflow reviews, and from cost per hire to careers site engagement, Hireserve’s Advanced Analytics, powered by our new integration with the Qlik Sense platform, provides the ideal tool to bring your recruitment metrics to life.

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