To recruit top-quality talent to your organisation you need to cut through the noise, stay ahead of the competition and provide potential hires with an exceptional candidate experience.

Since mobile phones have become the dominant means of modern communication, text messaging for recruiting plays a vital role in talent acquisition. In this article, we’ll highlight how recruiters can leverage Short Message Service (SMS) to improve the efficiency of communication with talent.

We also discuss how text recruiting can support a streamlined, automated process where the recruiter impresses at every contact. The candidate will be blown away by the winning experience!

Instant and Direct Communication

High Open and Response Rates

To appreciate the power of text recruiting consider the following stats from studies and research:

  • The ‘open rate’ for SMS recruiting texts is 98%.
  • The ‘open rate’ for email hiring approaches is 20%.
  • The average SMS response rate is 45% whereas the email response rate is closer to 6%.
  • Most texts are read within 3 minutes of receipt.

Texting has proved more efficient than email in successfully connecting and communicating with job candidates. And as we know, direct phone contact is often not convenient for several reasons such as the candidate being too busy, distracted, or lacking the privacy to talk.

Real-Time Delivery and Read Receipts

A text recruiting message is typically served to your candidates in near real-time. By using read receipts you are able to track whether your message has been read and follow up accordingly.

Following a successful first contact, and subject to consent, you’ve set the parameters for swift, efficient future comms.

Don’t forget to check out our candidate communication top tips to find out more about creating the best SMS messages!

Convenience and Accessibility

Reach Candidates Anywhere, Anytime

In a modern world where our phones have become an extension of ourselves, you’re virtually guaranteed to reach a targeted candidate, or a pool of job seekers, with SMS text messaging.

While text messages allow you to reach candidates virtually anywhere, anytime, it’s important to agree on boundaries. It’s advisable not to contact prospective hires outside of business hours unless they have agreed to this arrangement.

No Internet Connection Required

Furthermore, with a recruiting text message, you can connect with a candidate who might be temporarily away from an internet connection or have limited email access.

Personalisation and Engagement

Customised Messages for Individual Candidates

You are committed to creating a positive candidate experience throughout the hiring process. A vital aspect of this is developing a personal connection with the candidate. By using text message templates that can be easily customised you can engage with each candidate in a way that feels genuinely personal and individual to them.

You might start with an automated ‘thank you’ message after the candidate submits their application. Text notifications can continue to update each candidate on the status of their individual application at each stage of the recruiting process.

Interactive Communication and Feedback

Text messages are often read within a few minutes of being received. This supports quick response times.

If both you and the candidate are able to engage you can effectively communicate as if on a phone call. You can provide the candidate with quick feedback, and vice versa.

If you’re unable to engage in the moment you can easily send a quick text message promising to revert within a certain timeframe.

Automation and Efficiency

Bulk Messaging and Time-Saving

While there is a place for personalised messages, there are times when you need to reach a larger talent pool. Incorporating text recruiting into your process allows you to deliver bulk messages to your chosen target list. For example, you can use bulk messaging to advise of:

  • Job openings
  • An upcoming expansion drive
  • University job fairs
  • Updated company recruiting strategy

Automated Reminders and Notifications

Using a top applicant tracking solution, it’s easy to automate text messages to be sent to candidates. From interview tips and reminders and directions for assessment days, an applicant tracking system with SMS integration enables you to schedule communications directly to applicants’ phones to arrive at the appropriate time.

You can achieve a practical, helpful, timely, and impressive outcome – often in less than 100 characters.

Advanced automation also allows you to request and complete pre-employment checks, helping recruitment teams maintain control and streamline this aspect of the process.

You can tailor an automated SMS notification to unsuccessful candidates to keep them positively disposed toward the company (in addition to a more formal letter).

Integration with Recruitment Systems

Seamless Candidate Data Management

Talent or applicant tracking systems when integrated with your recruitment systems enable ongoing engagement with talent pools and provide robust reporting and candidate data.

When it comes to the hiring process, management systems allow you to stay on top of every step including:

  • Job requisitions
  • Pre-screening and assessments
  • Schedule interviews
  • Interview process updates
  • Pre-employment checks
  • Onboarding process

Of course, SMS is just part of this – but it integrates efficiently with all the other useful features an ATS provides.

Tracking and Reporting Capabilities

Data-driven insights are an invaluable part of the recruitment process. A quality recruitment tracking system lets you access high-level data like market comparisons and salary information. You can also track the status and potential availability of sought-after candidates.

Integrated text recruiting software solutions can generate a wide range of reports and analytics to empower you with the information you need to hire successfully.

Opt-In Consent and GDPR Compliance

It’s important to remember that the handling of personal information and data needs to comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

Your processes should include a consent system whereby applicants can clearly opt-in (or out) of SMS and other communications. If the candidate grants explicit consent this helps to meet the GDPR standard.

How Should You Text Candidates?

It’s been shown that 60% of job seekers who received a text message after applying for a job preferred this type of communication over email or phone calls.

To effectively connect via text messaging with a potential recruit you should introduce yourself, keep the text brief, concise and personalised, and establish a communication preference. You should also include a call to action regarding the next step in the communication process.

Conclusion: Try Hireserve ATS For SMS Recruitment!

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At Hireserve we are committed to exceptional customer care. You’ll have systems specialists by your side throughout the relationship, empowering you to optimise a powerful ATS in line with your recruitment needs.

Experience the exciting ATS system and text recruiting software in action. We would love to introduce you to Hireserve recruitment solutions and invite you to contact us so that we can launch an ATS demo for you to experience for yourself.


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