We probably don’t need to tell you that the war for talent continues to be an ongoing battle this year.

And this means that it’s more important than ever to ensure your candidate communication strategies are top-notch, enabling you to engage with candidates in a genuine, honest and timely way, while enhancing your employer brand and attracting top talent.

So, as we continue to navigate this post-pandemic world, and straddle in-person and digital comms, here are some top tips on how you can best engage with candidates in 2022.



Create an enhanced experience in a competitive landscape

 In the war for talent, it’s crucial to go that extra mile to provide a first-class communication experience for candidates – and authenticity is key here.

“Candidates will often want to be able to verify that the good intentions you may have presented or stated during your recruitment process are true,” remarks Anthony Sutton, director of Cream HR. “As such, many will ask to meet people in the team or want to see what the working environment is like, and businesses should embrace this.”

He continues: “It is likely that you will set expectations regarding the process – make sure you meet those expectations. Don’t leave people hanging and if there is going to be a delay in the process, let the candidate know and tell them why. Honesty, authenticity and showing genuine interest in your candidates is essential at all times.”



Liz Sebag‑Montefiore, director and co‑founder of 10Eighty, adds: “Focus on a planned and consistent message in both style and tone throughout the recruitment process, through to induction and early employment. Set realistic expectations about what it means to work for the organisation, and what it will actually be like on a daily basis; and always seek to deliver a positive recruitment process for candidates.”


Embrace digital

 Even before the pandemic, digital technology had enabled geographical restrictions in recruitment to be lifted, allowing recruiters to engage with candidates across the country and the world. However, as a result of Covid and the increase in remote working, many more recruiters are widening their geographical net, meaning it is essential to embrace the digital tools that help candidates remain engaged throughout the recruitment process.

“Interactive content and multi-media platforms open up new ways of engaging and communicating,” comments Liz Sebag‑Montefiore. “Your candidates want flexibility and a responsive recruiter who values their time and effort. Automated communication systems and good online systems are a boon in keeping candidates engaged.”


Create an inclusive and accessible recruitment process

 An employer’s policy on diversity, equality and workforce inclusion is an important factor for candidates when deciding whether or not to work for them, says Liz Sebag‑Montefiore.

“As far as possible, your communication strategies need to be personalised,” she advises. “Try to engage candidates via their preferred communication channel; engagement should be ongoing, accessible and convenient. People connect with people, so ensure the messaging you provide reflects that reality.”

Creating an inclusive and open process is key to ensuring accessibility is achieved throughout the recruitment process, adds Derek MacFeate, founding managing partner of MM Search. “It is essential that resourcing teams work on a completely inclusive basis. Today’s recruiters must evaluate the equity of their hiring processes, and this all starts in the communication strategies they use through the recruitment journey.”


Remember the value of face-to-face

 Nobody can deny that digital technology has significantly enhanced the candidate experience, enabling recruiters to stay connected with applicants throughout the hiring process. However, it’s also important to retain that human element and build in opportunities for face-to-face meetings too.

“To create meaningful, long-term partnerships, there must be a connection between the candidate and the company on a deeper level,” comments Derek MacFeate. “Not much can compare to an in-person meeting. Before the pandemic, many would think it would be impossible to sell a candidate’s technical and personal attributes to a client without a meaningful conversation. While this is true for many, the benefit of a face-to-face meeting can never be replaced by technology.”


Ensure your brand stands out

Here is your opportunity to bring recruitment back from the brink of anonymity, genuinely engage with candidates and promote your employer brand. This means being authentic, while providing clear, consistent communication and honest feedback.

“Candidates often receive little or no response to a job application, never mind any feedback,” remarks Anthony Sutton. “This is an area where a business can clearly stand out. Recognise the PR opportunity that recruitment provides, respond to every application and treat people like human beings. Those candidates that are interviewed during this process should receive honest and fair feedback, even if they have been rejected.”

Liz Sebag‑Montefiore adds: “HR and recruiters need to be agile and responsive in their engagement with candidates via a recruitment strategy and recruitment marketing channels that facilitate the attraction and retention of high-potential talent. An authentic and meaningful employer brand will resonate with candidates, while promoting the organisation as an attractive employer with a great team driving great results.”


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