We’re delighted to announce that Hireserve is a finalist for the Pro-bono Company of the Year at the Better Society Awards 2018!

The awards celebrate the work being done by commercial companies to help create a better, more equal, ethical and sustainable world. We’ve been nominated for the Pro-bono Company of the Year award for our work to bring a new online volunteering platform to life: The Volunteer Pool.

We donated our skills, time and software to develop the platform, working with Poole and Bournemouth CVS on a pro-bono basis.

The Volunteer Pool project

The idea of The Volunteer Pool was born in 2016, when Pool CVS and Bournemouth CVS were approached by several corporations wanting to expand their staff volunteering initiatives, while also being aware that local charities were struggling to recruit skilled volunteers.

Thus, the two CVSs developed the idea of an online volunteering platform where local charities could promote their volunteering vacancies, and corporate partners could encourage staff to browse and apply for volunteering roles.

Christopher Beale, Chief Executive of Poole CVS, was then introduced to Karen Ovenden, Director of Hireserve.

What we gave, and what we gained

Hireserve’s role in the project was to create a brand for the new volunteering platform, build a website to allow professionals to browse for volunteering roles, and to donate our Applicant Tracking Software to allow charities to manage and progress volunteer applications online.

The whole team at Hireserve got involved to ensure Poole and Bournemouth CVS’ vision came to life, and relished the opportunity to work on something that was going to make a real difference to their communities.

Karen Ovenden, Operations Director of Hireserve, expands:

“With our experience in recruitment technology and a skilled development team, I knew we had the experience and knowledge to support Chris’ idea and bring it to life. It would enable our team to widen their skill set and get involved in an innovative project outside of their usual remit.

What’s more, we knew the platform could make a real difference to people. We utterly believed in Chris’ vision of an inspiring new volunteering initiative.” – Karen Ovenden

The ongoing relationship

Since January 2017, the CVSs have engaged over 80 volunteers from the private sector who have gone on to support local charities. Their next objective is to convert this enthusiasm into a long-term commitment to share their skills on a regular basis.

We’ve committed to providing ongoing support for The Volunteer Pool project throughout 2018, donating our software to allow the platform to continue connecting skilled volunteers with charities.

“Our ongoing relationship with Poole and Bournemouth CVS is a testament to the power of a successful pro-bono project. Our team have benefited from a wide range of new skills and experiences, which we can use for future projects. Poole and Bournemouth CVS have enhanced the business volunteering landscape and have helped to fill essential roles with skilled volunteers, which is a huge asset to their local charities.” – Karen Ovenden

We’ve been delighted to support Poole CVS and Bournemouth CVS in the creation and support of The Volunteer Pool, and are thrilled to have been nominated for an award that highlights the hard work and dedication that went into the project.

The results of the Better Society Awards will be announced in May; wish us luck!


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