You sit down at your desk on a Monday morning and open your email to a barrage of emails from candidates. Is their interview still happening? Could you remind them of the time? Where’s the online interview link? Why isn’t the video conferencing software working? Actually, could we reschedule for another day? Sighing, you put down your coffee and it grows cold as you tackle the mountain of candidate emails in your inbox before you get started on today’s work.

Does this sound familiar? Unfortunately, if you work in an organisation’s HR or recruitment team it might be a common occurrence.

However, in the 21st century there’s no need to waste time sending thousands of emails to candidates, spending hours on the phone trying to match candidate availability with busy interviewer schedules, and dealing with their repeated requests to reschedule. Automated interview scheduling software can take on all these responsibilities for you and leave your own schedule free and clear.

Let’s dive deep into why automated interview scheduling is so beneficial to the hiring process and why you should invest in an Applicant Tracking Software that offers this tool.

Schedule interviews without fuss or hassle

The first and most obvious benefit of using software to automate interview scheduling is that it streamlines the entire process for recruiter and candidate. The software’s workflow sends the candidate a link to choose their preferred interview time which is cross-referenced with the interviewer and Hiring Manager’s availability. The candidate can easily pick the interview slot that best suits them and they are automatically sent a confirmation email. The online interview link is sent directly to their inbox so they can easily find it and join the interview at the right time.

With this hassle-free way to schedule interviews, in-house recruiters can enjoy the massive time savings resulting from no longer having to email back and forth with job candidates, interviewers, Hiring Managers, and anyone else involved in the process. This allows you to focus on your more important and strategic duties.

Moreover, if you’ve got a lot of upcoming interviews, the tool can create an interview schedule report to show all the interviews and their details for your chosen time period. This makes it even easier for recruiting teams to plan ahead and stay organised.

Improve candidate experience

In a competitive job market where candidates are being snapped up by other employers left right and centre, providing an exceptional candidate experience that entices people to accept your job offer is key. Automated interview scheduling is a great way to enhance candidate experience for a few key reasons.

Firstly, automated interview scheduling software makes setting up an interview a breeze. Instead of having to email the recruiter their availability or talk on the phone, the candidate can simply pick one of the available slots.

Secondly, this improves the candidate experience by giving candidates more control of the process, choosing interview slots that suit them instead of having to reschedule their lives around the interview. This is particularly beneficial for candidates who are currently working other jobs and might otherwise need to take time off to interview at your organisation, or those who have caring roles.

Thirdly, the automated process eliminates some stress and worries for the candidate who may be naturally nervous about interviewing for the role. Knowing that their interview link has been automatically delivered to their inbox and being able to view the confirmation will assure them that the interview process will go smoothly.

Reschedule with flexibility

Rescheduling interviews is an annoying but common part of the hiring process. Perhaps the Hiring Manager has a conflict due to their work duties, maybe the applicant can no longer get the time off from their current job, or perhaps another factor has led to the interview needing to be rescheduled.

No problem. With your Applicant Tracking System’s interview scheduling software, rescheduling is as easy as clicking a few buttons. Instead of endless emails discussing possible new dates and times, the interview can easily be scheduled for a new and convenient time that works with everyone’s availability. There’s no risk of double-booking because the scheduler is synced to the necessary people’s availabilities. It couldn’t be simpler.

Reduce no-shows

Interview no-shows are the bane of recruitment teams’ lives. After all the effort to make sure candidates and interviewers’ schedules sync up for the interview, a candidate failing to show up is a frustrating waste of time.

Using an automated tool to schedule interviews can significantly reduce your no-show rate by giving candidates the power to choose slots that work best for them. This makes them more likely to show up at the right time for their interview. Just sit back and watch your no-show rate fall!

Save money on hiring

Scheduling interviews with an automated tool doesn’t just make your life easier; it also saves money! By bringing increased efficiency to the hiring process, automated interview scheduling software can speed up your time-to-hire. This saves money spent on recruiting as well as limiting the expenses accrued by an unfilled vacancy. It looks great for your KPIs!


Ready to schedule interviews with ease, slash admin time, and improve candidate experience? Hireserve ATS has powerful automated interview scheduling capabilities, allowing you to create a timeframe with the interview panel’s availability and then leaving all the rest to the candidate to choose their preferred slot. The interview scheduling software can even automatically generate links for online interviews, making the process smooth and streamlined.

Does it make a difference to recruitment? Undoubtedly. StepChange Debt Charity has seen savings of more than £20,000 per year thanks to reduced administration around interviews. You can read the full case study here.

If you want to learn more about how Hireserve ATS can transform your hiring process, book a demo of our feature-rich software today.


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