Chun is our Support Analyst and is often the first point of contact for our customers.

Hi Chun, could you give me an overview of your day-to-day role at Hireserve?

My job centres around customer support. I check the support ticket systems, look at tickets as they come in and prioritise them, and of course I check my emails. A lot of my role is investigation – calling customers, engaging in a conversation, finding out more about any issues, and then solving them.

Why is it so important for a recruitment software supplier to provide excellent customer service?

In the recruitment industry, it’s all about service. And to provide that service, HR and recruitment professionals need to use their ATS efficiently. When a customer has a question about the system or if the software isn’t running as it should, it’s vital to get things back on the move as quickly as possible. Recruitment is an ongoing process, so things always need to be working smoothly for our customers.

What skills do you think someone on the support desk needs to have?

We’re on the phone a lot, so a good telephone manner and good verbal skills are essential. Equally important is being able to problem-solve. Because of the flexibility of our software, every customer system is different – our task is to find out how a specific customer’s system works and to identify the solution.

We also need to determine what type of issue it is, for example a bug fix or a user query, so we can decide whether we need to pass it on to our Development team (who handle the technical ins and outs of the system), or whether we, the Services team, can solve it ourselves.

You mentioned problem solving – what’s that side of your job like?

I love investigating issues. It’s challenging, but at the same time really rewarding. When something’s resolved, you see the system meeting a customer’s needs and the users are happy, it’s a great feeling.

What are the highlights of your job?

It’s brilliant when I can resolve an issue quickly or show a customer something they hadn’t known before. Improving a customer’s knowledge of the system makes it easier for them to work independently, and that keeps their recruitment process running smoothly. That’s great for us to see. We also get feedback all the time, so it’s often very fulfilling.

You’ve been described as the ‘voice behind Hireserve’, but can you tell us a bit about your life outside of the office walls?

I have two daughters, Florence who is four and Olivia who’s one and a half, so a lot of my time is spent with my family. We like going to the park, playing in the garden and blowing bubbles (the girls love bubbles). I also enjoy martial arts in my spare time and performing Chinese Lion Dance!

Wow! You’re sometimes very busy answering calls and solving customer queries, so lastly, what’s your snack of choice to power you through a packed afternoon?

I don’t really have a preference… Sometimes dark chocolate (so I don’t eat too much sugar!), and I like crisps on the odd occasion too.


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