In the past the recruitment process would involve meeting a potential candidate in a physical space however now it is possible to reach the best talent from everywhere through virtual recruitment.  

Virtual recruiting is used in many companies not only to help find remote candidates but also as easy and convenient way of screening applicants before conducting in person interviews. Employers can use a host of different technology and tools to help attract, screen, and conduct interviews.  

Since the covid pandemic more companies have shifted into using virtual recruitment and are now more comfortable than ever in using various platforms for virtual interactions. Many employers have seen the benefits in the efficiency and effectiveness that virtual recruitment can bring or even just a hybrid model of recruitment.  


Here are a few advantages of using virtual recruiting in your business:  


Remote hiring strategies allows teams to continue to hire and onboard new staff from anywhere in the world. Not only that it allows scheduling to become more seamless and interviewers can easily book in time slots without having to leave the comfort of their own home.  

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Time Saving 

Virtual recruiting enables you to screen more candidates in a shorter amount of time especially if you use one-way video interviews and online assessments. But even a more traditional style video interview can be scheduled to fit around both hiring managers and candidates’ schedules.  

Minimise Bias  

By streamlining your virtual recruitment efforts allows for a consistent approach. This is essential for affording each candidate an equal footing and reduces hiring bias. When interviewing virtually hiring managers are less likely to be distracted by irrelevant details of appearance and more focused on what the candidate can bring to the role.  

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Candidate experience 

Candidates often fear something going wrong when interviewing for a new job especially when in-person due to factors outside of their control. When interviewing it can help put these fears aside and focus on the interview itself in more comfortable environment which allows their confidence to come through.  

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However, there can be limitations when it comes to virtual recruiting which is why many still prefer face-to-face interviews however while there are disadvantages with careful planning and consideration these can be overcome with a hybrid approach.  


Here are a few disadvantages to consider:  

Culture Fit 

It can be difficult to figure out whether a candidate would be a good fit for your company culture without bringing them into the office and introducing them to the team. If they are not the right cultural fit, then it can affect the workplace environment and the team which could lead to an early exit.  

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Candidate experience  

If you are only using virtual recruitment strategies, candidates may feel less valued and engaged as they would of if they were in a in-person hiring scenario. This is particularly true if you only use one-way video interviews as it creates a detached approach to hiring so its worth bearing in mind ways to provide an interactive experience for your candidates.  


Creating a Successful Virtual Process 

There are ways to make sure that your virtual recruiting process is a success, by bearing in mind the needs, size, and capabilities of your organisation.  

Abide by the law: 

When using recruitment technology and collecting data online you must abide by GDPR guidelines. As well as taking precautions to ensure that the process is non-discriminatory. Using CV anonymisation tools can help reduce unconscious bias.  

Allow the candidate to experience the job and company culture. 

 It can be hard for candidates and hiring managers to see if they are the right cultural fit for the role especially when recruiting virtually. However. There are ways for you to overcome this such as virtual office tours, meet the teams or completing tasks that they would be doing in the role. It is crucial to look at your culture pitch during the interview and use stories and examples that can build a picture of your company culture in the candidate’s mind.  

You can overcome the detached feeling of virtual interviews. 

Virtual recruitment can often feel detached which leaves candidates unsure where they stand due to a lack of personal connection and feedback. However just because you are using virtual strategies does not mean you cannot offer a human touch. Make sure that candidates are aware of what your hiring process looks like and what tools you use.  

Using automated tools to manage the candidate relationships can help make sure that they receive the right information for their recruitment stage. However, you should keep the lines of communication in whatever your preferred channel is.  

Virtual recruiting could help transform your recruitment process allowing you to vet and hire candidates remotely. Saving you time and money while creating a more efficient hiring process.  

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