In today’s competitive job market, creating a positive candidate experience is crucial for attracting and retaining top talent. While some companies may assume that improving candidate experience requires significant financial investments, there are various low-cost strategies that can make a substantial difference.  

Four out of five job applicants believe that the candidate experience serves as an indicator of how a company values it people. 

We have curated a list to explore affordable ways to enhance the candidate… 


Self-Service Interview Scheduling 

 One of the most significant pain points for candidates is the lengthy and cumbersome process of scheduling interviews. Implementing a self-service interview scheduling system not only streamlines the process but also empowers candidates by allowing them to choose time slots that best suit their schedules. The Hireserve ATS Candidate Portal offers you an integrated scheduling tool improving the candidate experience easily.  

With online interviewing built into the ATS platform candidates do not have to worry about setting up Zoom or a Google Meet as a video conferencing link is generated automatically through the ATS software.  

Not only does improve the candidates experience it helps streamline your recruiters’ workflows, saves time on scheduling and liaising with applicants.  

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Streamline your application process. 

An overly complicated application process can deter potential applicants. With more than three-quarters of jobseekers stating that they would drop out or consider dropping out of a long or complex process.  

 By making sure your process is user friendly and straightforward you can easily increase the number of completed applications. This has zero cost to you but will greatly improve the customer experience.  


Check your job descriptions. 

A well written job description not only help to attract the right talent but also set clear expectations for the role. Investing the time to make sure that your job description is effective is free and will help to significantly enhance the candidate experience. 


 Social Media Integrations 

 Make sure that you have created a cohesive link between your company’s social media channels and your recruitment onboarding as it encourages a positive candidate experience.  

Your social media channels will give applicants an insight into your company’s personality and allows them to see if they are a good fit even before they submit their application.  

Hireserve’s ATS provides you are the ability to automate job posting through your Facebook and LinkedIn allowing for candidates to easily apply for upcoming positions.  

By connecting with applicant’s vis social media your company maintains visibility even after the hiring process. Unsuccessful candidates who had a positive experience may be interested in future positions that are more suited to their skill sets.  


Candidate Portals 

A well-designed candidate portal allows applicants to track their application status, receive timely updates, and access relevant resources. By having all of the necessary information for job vacancies in one easy to use platform it will improve candidate experience as they benefit from a clear view of the application process. Recruiters should use this as a place to explain the expectations of the stages and share a timeline for a response.  

This in particularly important during the initial stages of the process as it allows for the candidate to feel empowered and in control of their application and offering this touchpoint can help eliminate anxieties over the progress of the application and offers a more positive candidate experience which will be of benefit throughout the recruitment process.  


Automated Communication: 

Clear and consistent communication is key to a positive candidate experience. Implementing automated communication workflows can help manage candidate expectations and keep them engaged throughout the recruitment process. 

An ATS can be configured to send automated replies to all jobseekers upon receipt of their application. Hireserve ATS integrates with a recruitment SMS technology provider. This means that you can send automated texts to candidates from your Applicant Tracking System. Automated replies can also be triggered when scheduling an interview or to send out reminders to applicants.  

Keeping candidates updated about their application status requires minimum financial investment but shows respect for the candidate’s time and effort.   

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Offering constructive feedback can leave a positive impression and increase the chances that they will reapply in the future. Feedback is free and valuable. 

Implementing candidate feedback mechanisms is essential for continuous improvement. Utilising tools such as Hireserve ATS can help automate the process of sending surveys and gathering data which will allow you to gather valuable insights from candidates about their recruitment experience.  

Analysing this feedback enables you to identify areas for improvement and refine your recruitment processes, demonstrating a commitment to candidate satisfaction. 


 Enhancing the candidate experience does not always require a substantial financial investment. By incorporating self-service interview scheduling, manager and candidate portals, automated communication, virtual onboarding resources, and feedback mechanisms, companies can create a positive and memorable recruitment experience on a budget. These cost-effective solutions not only improve efficiency but also contribute to building a strong employer brand that attracts and retains top talent. 

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