Helen joined Hireserve over a year ago as Digital Marketing Apprentice.

A year later, she’s joined the team permanently and is still loving working in the Marketing team.

Hi Helen. Can you tell us a little about your experience as an apprentice?

Absolutely! The last year as an apprentice has been a real adventure. Joining Hireserve was nerve wracking, but they welcomed me with open arms and I soon felt part of the team. I’d never have thought back then that I’d know everything I know now – not just from formal training weeks, but also from being around such a knowledgeable team (who are more than happy to share what they know). It’s been a great year, and I’ve learnt so much.

What’s your day to day role at Hireserve like?

My role entails helping to look after the company’s online marketing – from social media posting (yes, using Twitter is part of my job!) and sending e-newsletters, to reporting on our website statistics and writing blogs. I also help out with events and other general marketing tasks. There are some things that I find more fun than others (I’m still getting used to the spreadsheets!), but I never thought I’d find a job that suited me so much.

So, what’s been your favourite project?

Something I loved being a part of was the Hireserve User Group. It was so great getting to meet our customers, and hearing about how they benefit from using Hireserve ATS – it puts everything we do into a really nice perspective. Seeing the outcome of our efforts and knowing that it does make a difference to other people’s work makes my job that much more fulfilling.

I also love writing blogs; I’m always drawn to more creative tasks. And although blog-writing here usually means learning something more technical about our system, I relish the opportunity to understand more about the technology, and be able to share the brilliant advice of the Hireserve team.

What drew you to join (and stay with!) Hireserve?

I was initially drawn to the role itself, but it was Hireserve that really sold me the job. The interview process was (genuinely) one of the nicest I’ve ever experienced. I immediately felt drawn to the atmosphere of the workplace, and found the sense of cooperation and support really encouraging.

And to this day, I still hold that opinion. From sharing a laugh and a joke in the kitchen, to working collaboratively with the other teams, the sense of teamwork is palpable. It makes for a really nice place to work.

What are your thoughts on the importance of apprenticeships and supporting young people’s employability?

I believe it’s so very important. Providing young people with a door into an industry (which can be so hard to find) can not only change the life of that young person, but can also benefit your business. What better way to combat the skills shortage than to actively help young people reach their working potential?

What would you say to employers considering taking on an apprentice?

Do it! We may need a little more support than a fully trained employee at first, but the great thing about blank slates is that you can train them in a way that supports your specific processes and needs – and it might not be long before you see a great Return on Investment.


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Tristan Potter

Tristan has a decade's worth of experience writing content and copy for organisations across Bristol and the Southwest of England. He has written on a diverse range of topics, including technology, philosophy, politics, and recruitment. His writing has appeared in The Drum, HR Grapevine, and The Guardian, among other publications. He joined Hireserve in March 2022.