In recent weeks we’ve shared a series of blog posts about how to choose an ATS.

From your initial research

“Begin by defining your pain points – those which are unique to your organisation. Perhaps you receive a large number of unsuitable candidates for certain roles, or maybe you find it challenging to collect references efficiently.”

…to making the most of your demo stage

“The key to a successful demo is to go in with an open mind – but also refer to your key criteria. Try to measure the systems you see consistently, taking into account the technology, supplier’s attitude and the scope for change.”

…we’ve written three blogs to get you from your first browse on Google to building your business case.

“When putting together your business case, you’ll need to be confident that your supplier has plans for out of hours support. Senior decision makers may want to know about ongoing customer care initiatives and training provisions. All this will make sure your team are getting the best out an Applicant Tracking System.”

Now you can download your free Choosing an ATS white paper (updated for 2019!) to work through each stage of the process, with interactive check-lists, demo templates and more!

Download it now: How to choose an ATS

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