From the 5th to 10th of March, National Apprenticeship Week 2018 takes centre stage, with events being held across the country to engage, inform and inspire the next generation of talented professionals.

At Hireserve we understand the benefits and importance of taking on apprentices for both company and industry progression. But don’t take our word for it – hear what our apprentices have to say.

Lewis (Junior Applications Developer – Joined us in 2014)


“I chose to pursue an apprenticeship placement because I wanted to get hands-on practical experience in an office environment, working as part of a team of talented individuals. I wanted to expand my knowledge of programming but at the same time get an insight into how software companies and development teams work.”


Not only has Lewis managed to gain the experience he needed to start his career as a developer, he’s also been surrounded by like-minded, talented and creative people to ensure he thrives in the workplace environment.

Taking on an apprentice could be seen as a slight risk, particularly for SMEs with fewer resources. However, they often provide a far greater opportunity than first thought. School and college leavers are ready to learn and soak up your company culture, with fewer preconceived ideas or bad habits.

Helen (Communications Executive – Joined us in 2016)


“We may need a little more support than a fully trained employee at first, but the great thing about blank slates is that you can train them in a way that supports your specific processes and needs – and it might not be long before you see a great Return on Investment.”



Being an apprentice in an SME often means you’ll get stuck in with hands-on experience straight away and have a broader spectrum of responsibilities within your remit. This means apprentices can become more well-rounded employees, and gain additional skill sets that they hadn’t previously envisaged.

Phil (Junior Database Developer – Joined us in 2016)


I’m proud of everything! It’s always great to see my efforts come to fruition and see them working for our clients.




For many people, the world beyond education can be daunting. Making sure those first steps are the ‘correct’ steps can add an extra weight of pressure, and this can be intensified by those who have reservations about work programmes. We’ve talked before about the misconceptions of apprenticeships and the need to educate employers, not to mention careers advice from schools and further education. As Jack points out, apprenticeships offer fantastic exposure into a field or industry for any level of candidate.


Jack (Apprentice Applications Developer – Joined us in 2017)

I would like to correct the misconception that apprenticeships are for those who are unable to go to college or university as they didn’t do well enough academically. This is not the case, and I believe there are struggles for both paths if the foundation is not there. If you don’t have a career in mind but are interested in a field or industry, an apprenticeship can give you first-hand experience and exposure to working in a professional environment. More importantly, it can help you understand what you truly desire in your career.”


The four apprentices you have heard from have become invaluable members of the Hireserve team. We believe it’s essential for SMEs like us to promote our positive experiences in order to inspire other businesses, strengthen career advice, enhance the relationships between businesses and educational establishments and pave the way for more accessible and positive career paths for young people.

Meet Lewis

Meet Phil

Meet Helen

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