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Do you recruit for diverse range of skills, from designers to warehouse staff? Need to uphold your brand values and reputation?  Do you have to prepare for peaks in your online retail recruitment ahead of sales season or Christmas?

Hireserve’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is capable of meeting even your most unique and complex retail recruitment processes.

With over 20 years in the recruitment software space and experience working with organisations from all sectors, we can honestly say we’ve seen it all!

When you’re recruiting in a fast-paced and competitive industry like retail, it’s essential that you’re working with an expert ATS partner from day one.

With Hireserve, you’ll be supported by someone who understands your industry, and who knows recruitment software inside out.


“Thank you Hireserve – you make my life easier every day. This is easily the best system I have used, with the very best support.”

Features in Focus

SMS integration

Hireserve ATS integrates with a recruitment SMS technology platform. This means you can keep your candidates in the loop and fully engaged with automated texts sent from your Applicant Tracking System.

You can even send candidates a text requesting a response – for example, a text reminding them of interview details and asking candidates to confirm their attendance with a simple YES/NO reply. This response is then recorded in Hireserve ATS as an updated candidate status.

It’s ideal for sending interview reminders, interview locations, who to ask for when they arrive and any other useful information to make your candidates’ experience simple and personable.

Screening Tools

Sophisticated Hireserve ATS screening tools will help you manage high volume recruitment effectively and efficiently.

For recruiters in the retail sector, a high volume of applicants for certain roles is common, which makes the ‘Killer Question’ tool extremely useful. Simply set a mandatory question, such as ‘Do you have the right to work in the UK’, at the beginning of your application form, and unless candidates answer ‘Yes’, they cannot progress.

This tool significantly reduces the amount of unsuitable applications you need to review, whilst also saving candidates time and effort applying for a role they cannot work in.

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Still owned and run day-to-day by Founders Jeremy and Karen Ovenden, Hireserve is a leading provider of recruitment software, trusted by in-house recruitment teams across the world.

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