Hireserve ATS is trusted by in-house recruitment teams to automate,
streamline and strengthen their hiring processes

Hireserve ATS is a stand-alone Talent Management and Applicant Tracking System,
designed specifically to meet the needs of in-house recruitment teams.

Are you looking for a highly configurable and powerful ATS?
Delivered by a trusted recruitment technology supplier with 20+ years experience?
You’re in the right place.

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Hireserve ATS features

From creating a job requisition to hiring your perfect candidate – Hireserve Applicant Tracking System enables in-house recruitment teams to work more efficiently than ever. 

Hireserve ATS is built to anticipate the every need of the sharpest recruitment teams, helping you engage talent pools, report on your recruitment metrics and enhance your candidate experience.

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ATS Business Case: Your complete Toolkit

Download your complete range of templates, tools and checklists.

Take the pain out of building a business case for a new ATS, with our comprehensive toolkit. Designed to make your buying process simpler, easier and faster.

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“The Hireserve team have been consistently extremely helpful. Their support has been nothing less than exceptional”

Pre-employment checks as quick as a flash! 

Hirechecks is a pre-employment module that allows you to automate the requesting and completion of a huge range of pre-employment checks (and general activities), triggering checks at different points of the process to help you keep control.

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Game-changing Customer Care

When you use technology like Hireserve ATS, you need to know that you’ll have specialists by your side.

Recruitment software is nothing without the human touch.

As a Hireserve customer, you’ll have a point of contact every step of the way.  We’ll guide you through new processes, update you on enhancements and new features, take on board your ideas and support you if you run into an issue.

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New to ATS reports?

Download our new guide to for your introduction to recruitment analytics and your ATS data.

We’ll guide you through the key standard reports you might need to use, take a closer look at Source and Diversity reporting, and provide practical tips for getting the most out of your recruitment data.

Simple, straightforward and the perfect introduction for anyone new to world of ATS reporting.

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