“So what ROI can we expect from this thing? … When are we going to start seeing a Return on Investment? “

If you’re putting together a business case for a new Applicant Tracking System, or even just getting started with your selection process, we bet you’ve heard the above questions several times already.

Of course, technology like an ATS can be a significant investment, so being able to prove some form of ROI is vital. But where on earth do you begin?

Well, we might just have the answer for you! The Hireserve ATS ROI Calculator is a simple tool designed to help you estimate your Return on Investment.

We’ve already put ballpark figures in for a typical implementation and yearly licence fee. All you now need to do is input your own organisation’s costs and data. We ask for things like your average salary, number of vacancies per annum, and recruitment agency usage. And if you don’t know any for certain, we recommend going with a mean average or your best guess (please bear in mind that this tool is purely to give an indication of costs).

Simply pop these figures into the ROI Calculator and you’ll see what your organisation could save across three years.

Ready to bolster your business case and provide your stakeholders with an idea of Return on Investment?

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How do we work out your ATS Return on Investment?

As you’ll see from the ATS ROI Calculator, we need a few key metrics to provide an estimate of your potential return.

We use two key metrics – your reduction in recruitment administration (which, using a fit-for-purpose system like Hireserve ATS, should fall to zero) and your reduction in recruitment agency fees.

We also ask you to pop in some other figures, like your average salary and rate of attrition. You can access ATS ROI Calculator guidance notes here to help you work through it.

This all helps us to work out how much time and money you could save by using an Applicant Tracking System.

The best part is that the ATS ROI Calculator does all the hard work for you! It’s a simple, interactive tool, created to instantly give you an indication of Return on Investment.

Please note! The ATS ROI Calculator should only be used to provide an indication of potential ROI. The costs that we have already inputted (implementation and licence fee) are illustrative only, and may be higher or lower based on your organisation’s requirements. For custom pricing, please do not hesitate to contact us. The figures in the ATS ROI Calculator should not be taken as exact – it is to provide an estimation only.

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