We love getting to share our customers’ stories with you, and this one is no different.

We began working with Wales & West Housing in 2020 which, as we all know, was a year like no other.

So, in this new case study with Wales & West Housing (WWH), we asked them what it was really like to have a remote implementation. We also talked all things selection, engaging Hiring Managers and what’s next for candidate experience.

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The Wales & West Housing story

Of course, you’ll have to head over to the case study for the full story. But we’ll leave you with a snippet here…

We spoke to Jen Tod, HR Officer, earlier this year. Over the course of a cheerful Teams chat, Jen took us through the moment WWH realised they needed a new Applicant Tracking System:

“Each of the three brands under the Wales & West Housing Group has its own set of requirements. Trying to merge all three together just wasn’t feasible as the ATS wasn’t flexible enough. So, we found ourselves in a position where some Hiring Managers were using the ATS pretty happily…and some weren’t at all!”

Alongside the challenge of unifying three brands and their processes, the volume of recruitment began to increase rapidly. Over three years, the number of vacancies across the Group had more than tripled. Jen explained further:

“Our previous ATS was user-heavy, with rigid workflows and no scope for flexibility. It was taking us so much time to even create and upload a job that it was becoming untenable.”

It was time to look for a new Applicant Tracking System


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Remote implementation: What did WWH think?

Now most of us are used to video calls and online meetings. But back when Wales & West Housing selected Hireserve ATS, Jen was a little apprehensive about a remote implementation. Thankfully, the experience was a positive one:

“It wasn’t as bad as I’d expected! We had such regular catch-ups with our Implementation Consultant, Caleb, that it felt like we were constantly having our hand held throughout the process.

Jen also explained that the national lockdown and subsequent restrictions presented her and her colleagues with a unique positive. The pause in recruitment at WWH meant that they could really focus on getting used to Hireserve ATS.

The results

When we spoke to Jen, Wales & West had been using Hireserve ATS for just three months. But even at that early stage, Jen had some strong results to share. Top of her list was that all Hiring Managers were using the system effectively:

“Our Hiring Managers are finding the ATS so easy to navigate. We’re not getting the same level of questions or issues from them that we previously did.”

During our conversation, Jen also shared that WWH have seen a strong increase in the number of applications they have received. Jen continued:

“Previously we knew how cumbersome our candidate portal was. Since implementing Hireserve ATS, we have halved our candidate drop-off rate.”

Next steps

We’re so pleased that Jen and her colleagues at WWH are already seeing the positive impact of Hireserve ATS – and we’re excited to support them with the next stage of their journey.

Now, in terms of your journey… is it time to head over and read the full case study? We reckon so!


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