In the public sector, there are many recruitment challenges being faced every day. Value for money is at the centre of every decision. This is in tandem with maintaining the status of your organisation and meeting expectations of the wider public. So, how can you overcome the most common problems your public sector organisation is facing?

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Small teams, small budgets

In the recruitment teams of public sector organisations, there tends to be a team of between 3-5 people. This team is responsible for managing the recruitment for an organisation with a headcount sometimes into the thousands.

It can be a constant struggle and implementing a new Applicant Tracking System (even if it might make your job a whole lot easier) can be a daunting step for those without a moment to spare.

Here at Hireserve, we know this. Alongside Embridge Consulting, we’ve developed a standardised model just for public sector organisations.

We build that system and then tailor it once you’ve used it and you know what you’d like to change.

A perfect system based on the best practice of similar organisations. A low time commitment when it comes to implementation.

Read how the process worked perfectly for Guildford Borough Council.

Hiring Managers – diverse in every way

For the public sector, Hiring Managers are just as varied as the roles you’re recruiting.

It could be teachers, lifeguards, waste disposal technicians or firefighters. They might be office based or out in the field.

It’s a real challenge to get each and every one on board with a rigorous and administrative recruitment process – but it is important to do so, as the organisation faces scrutiny. It must also keep records and align with standardised processes.

What you really need is a system that has been designed to be simple for both the Hiring Manager that hires 20 people a year, and the one who hires two. Both the occasional user and the frequent user.

A system that is intuitive and designed with them in mind. Something that can be used remotely, from mobiles and tablets.

We’re constantly working on methods of improving the recruitment journey for Hiring Managers.

It makes your life easier, it makes their life easier.

After all, why buy a big shiny system if the people expected to use it struggle to make use of it?

Talk to us about how pioneering organisations are using the Hiring Manager Portal.

Leading the way in accessibility

It has been estimated that at least 1 in 5 people have a long term illness, impairment or disability. As a public sector organisation, it is important that you are able to enact accessibility requirements into your public facing careers site.

Working with a provider that not only gets the legislation and the importance of following it, but one that has a true belief in its value is something to think carefully about when you’re on the road to choosing an ATS.

In our most recent implementation with Merton Council, accessibility was at the forefront of their agenda when it came to building their ATS.

Hireserve worked collaboratively to meet these requirements and make sure that Merton had a career page functional for all.

So, don’t let your recruitment challenges feel insurmountable. With considerable experience and expertise in the public sector, we’re here to help you map out your journey to a better, more inclusive and user friendly applicant tracking system.

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