Without recruitment software, hiring can come with all kinds of pains. So can hiring with the wrong recruitment software.

How bad is your headache? Will you put up with what you’ve got, or are you looking for a new system? It’s certainly no breeze implementing a new recruitment software – it’s time consuming and you need to work closely with your provider to have the process run smoothly. In fact, the implementation structure should also be part of your decision making.

If you’re ready to take that leap, you need to have clarity on the headaches within your current solution, so that you can address them accordingly.

Keep reading to learn about some of the most common headaches you may want to address.


Sandbox System

Many talent acquisition teams come up against obstacles when it comes to testing new hiring strategies, for fear of the results not being positive after having to trial new ideas on your candidates.

At Hireserve, we provide a sandbox for every system, which is effectively a second system. This means that while one will go live, one is your sandbox for testing anything you want before copying it over to the live system.

It’s easy to be hesitant about making changes or experimenting with your hiring process, but by conducting these tests in the sandbox before a change goes live to ensure it has the desired effect on candidate experience, your employer brand, or whichever aspect of your hiring process you were looking to improve.


Vacancy Limitations

Many industries such as hospitality, retail, and healthcare are always looking to recruit new staff and have a constant churn. But not all recruitment software is able to recruit multiple people for one open role. Perhaps you’re forced to reopen vacancies or rely on the candidates that have already applied to be your other recruits.   However, Hireserve can accommodate for this, with the ability to recruit multiple people for one role, saving your recruitment team time and eradicating delays.

Additionally, Hireserve talent poll management allows you to build bespoke talent pools based on your desired criteria, so you can ensure that when you do need ten people for one role, they’re all fully qualified. With our key features we can help you to cut both the cost per hire and the time to hire, making the process swifter for everyone. Finding qualified individuals can be difficult for many companies, so building a strong database is crucial to avoiding the problems that come with the process of expanding your workforce.


Making DE&I a Reality

Most recruitment teams today have diversity goals, and are putting in the challenging work to attract diverse candidates – but are they getting through the first round?

Unconscious bias is a tricky obstacle to this. There are too many studies and stories to count about CVs with non-white or female sounding names being shuffled to the bottom of the pile in favour of those with names that indicate the candidate is a white male. What is particularly challenging about this for recruitment teams is often the individuals who are acting in this biased way are not even aware of it, so it can be difficult to remedy with a simple diversity training exercise or workshop.

Biased data can lead to biased AI, so if this gets built into your recruitment software it can wreak havoc. When you hand the task of sorting through the first round of CVs to your software, do you trust that it will give them all a fair chance?

Hireserve’s CV anonymisation tool allows TA teams to remove personal information from CVs – such as name and postal address, as well as obscure additional information – like university names.

You can easily customise to the level of anonymisation you wish to adopt, and original CVs will only be made available to the hiring manager once and interview is confirmed.


Background Checks

Background checks are a laborious but necessary part of the pre-boarding process. The minimum your recruitment software should be achieving is making tasks like this easier and simple for both your talent acquisition team and candidates alike.

Spotlite is a tool created by our partners CDD Services, which simplifies the process of background checks, streamlining communication and candidate experience.

With the click of a few buttons, you can request a right-to-work check, a DBS check, or a combination of both. Save time and simplify a candidate’s journey with one simple tool that populates the candidate record with all the information you need.

Hireserve is the only ATS that integrates with the Home Office certified Spotlite tool and is the only system that can guarantee a smooth and compliant process for employment checks.



Are you able to report accurately on all your key recruitment metrics?

From cost-per-hire to section stats, Hireserve is proud of its extensive reporting capabilities.

Nothing is more painful than being unable to back up your team’s requests to leadership with the right reports, or not having a clear picture on if you have exceeded your set hiring goals. With Hireserve, you’re able to utilise our Report Builder to customise your own bespoke reports for your individual business needs, and Data Visuals to make the key data easy to digest for leadership. When you utilise recruitment analytics in the right way, it can enable you to plan for the future, whether you’re aiming to reduce cost-per-hire, improve the quality of them, or both (as recruitment teams are often tasked with).

No matter your reporting needs, your recruitment solution should have to flexibility to make them possible. With Hireserve, there is a wealth of data and analytics that can be leveraged to improve your recruitment process, providing insights across numerous key metrics that can help businesses with everything from reducing cost-per-hire to building a consistent talent pipeline.


Every organisation has their own talent acquisition goals and priorities, so it’s no one solution fits all. But choosing the wrong recruitment solution can be a real thorn in your team’s side, no matter how much hard work they’re putting in. When going to market for a new recruitment software, ensure you’ve done a thorough evaluation of your current headaches so you can identify the best remedy.

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