How often do you check your phone? Every few hours? Every hour even?

We’re more connected with our mobiles than ever, and SMS technology (texting, in other words) has become second nature.

Studies show the open rate of a text message is 98%,* and so more organisations are starting to use it in their customer communications, whether through sending delivery reminders, feedback surveys or even latest offers.

But what place does SMS technology have in recruitment, and how can you use it?


  • Open and response rates for texts are much higher than those for emails, and sending texts from within your ATS is less time consuming than telephoning candidates.
  • Almost every adult in the UK has the capacity to receive a text message – as 93%* of UK adults own a mobile phone.
  • It’s a really simple platform to use, and is therefore still accessible to applicants who are less familiar with technology, and also to applicants whose first language isn’t English.

The simplicity of sending and receiving a text means that it’s a reliable and quick way to communicate simple messages to candidates.

How can you use texting in recruitment?

SMS technology can be utilised in a number of recruitment communications.


Texting is the ideal method for sending interview reminders to candidates. With such a high open rate, your candidates are unlikely to miss a reminder sent by text. This therefore increases their likeliness of attendance, and reduces your no-show rate.

Attendance confirmation

Two-way SMS technology can be similarly valuable. When
conducting assessment days, it’s useful to have an accurate idea of how many candidates will be attending. Text your applicants to ask if they will be attending, and they need only reply with a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, for you to gain an accurate picture of how many candidates to expect.

Bulk communications

If you’re conducting high volume recruitment, or seasonal recruitment drives which require communication with a large number of candidates, texting could be the answer. SMS technology offers a quick and easy way to communicate with a multitude of candidates, rather than spending the time sending emails, and filling up your inbox with lengthy responses.

Candidate experience

SMS technology doesn’t just enhance your experience as an employer – it can also improve a candidate’s experience. Think sending a candidate directions before an interview, or a helpful reminder of who to ask for when they arrive, for example. Being a supportive and communicative organisation enhances your employer brand, and may increase the likelihood of an applicant choosing to work for your organisation.

SMS technology is a fantastic tool for breaking down barriers in recruitment communication. As well as being accessible to almost everyone, it can ensure a low no-show rate and provide an accurate prediction of your interview and assessment day attendance.

Thus, it can reduce the administration and time spent on recruitment comms, and ultimately enhance your employer brand.

Is it time that you embraced texting within your recruitment strategy?

* Mobile engagement: Why SMS is still the biggest missed opportunity – The Engage Hub


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