When researching new software for your Recruitment & HR function, it can be tempting to opt for an all-in-one solution.

Technology like this may be able to provide modules for several departments, but may not actually be the best option as both a long-term investment and a day-to-day tool for in-house recruitment teams. Why?

  1. An all-in-one HCM (Human Capital Management) system needs to do everything… But doesn’t necessarily need to do everything well

Whilst a recruitment module may deliver the essentials, a standalone ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is likely to deliver much more – from a comprehensive reporting suite to in-depth talent pooling functionality. For example, you may notice that the HR and Payroll module in a HCM system is really robust, but that the recruitment module is more of a bolt-on with limited scope.

This means with a standalone recruitment system, you could have access to much more powerful and effective technology created specifically to meet the needs of in-house recruiters – the results of which speak for themselves.

For example, by utilising the Hiring Manager automation tools available in Hireserve ATS, Lincolnshire County Council saved c. £25,000 per annum. Read the case study to find out more.

The time and money you can save using a powerful ATS, because of the sheer depth and quality of its functionality, is likely to outweigh that of an all-in-one HCM system.




  1. An effective software solution is as much about the supplier as it is about the technology.

An ATS supplier will know their software inside out and be committed to developing this one piece of technology. They will also have the expertise to provide advice and guidance on how best to shape your processes, employer brand, careers site and more.

A supplier worth its salt will have a team of specialists on hand to support you through every stage of your customer journey – from implementation and training, through to the continued support provided to long-term customers.

“We’re continually evolving our use of [our ATS] and work closely with Hireserve to keep tweaking it. In a way, they have become like an extension of my own team!”
– Recruitment Advisor, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

They should be committed to delivering in-depth support by way of hosting customer-focused events and webinars, releasing comprehensive user guides and release notes, and offer a dedicated support desk to assist with the most simple or complex of queries.

  1. A standalone ATS can work around you.

An all-encompassing HCM system may not offer great flexibility, demanding you to work in a certain way to get the most out of the system.

A standalone ATS can be highly configurable, however. Particularly crucial for larger organisations with more complex processes, a quality Applicant Tracking System would have the flexibility to tailor workflows, roles and approvals to existing processes. It would also have a supplier who is completely invested in understanding your objectives, challenges and campaigns.

This single focus allows the supplier to provide a totally tailored approach, able to both drill down into the smallest of details (and understand/make recommendations for even the most niche roles), as well as be conscious and supportive of your recruitment process as a whole.

  1. There’s no reason why you can’t have it all with a standalone ATS.

It may sound like a contradiction of terms, but you really can have it all with a solo recruitment system. A robust and powerful ATS will be able to integrate with a number of other solutions, including HR software, video interviewing platforms and SMS technology.

There really is no need to have a disparate and disconnected recruitment and HR function with a quality standalone ATS.


To find out more about the depth and scope of a standalone ATS, visit our product page. This is where we dive into each aspect of our system, and explore how it can support you in every stage of your recruitment process.

There’s plenty more to us than just box-ticking, however. Find out more about our customer care initiatives, and read some of the feedback we’ve received from existing users.

Of course we understand that every organisation’s recruitment needs are unique. If you’d like to find out more about how our software and support can help you, why not get in touch?


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