If you’re in the process of selecting an Applicant Tracking System, you’re probably trying to work out how much an ATS is going cost you – without having to commit to spending significant time on the phone to salespeople or endless online research. But there is a valid reason that ATS pricing is not published across the websites of potential providers – there is a lot more to pricing than it may seem. And if you’re focused on costs alone, you’re not on the right track to getting the right solution.

3 reasons to look at ATS pricing differently


Don’t conflate price and value

A good Applicant Tracking System will absorb the administration that you’d otherwise need to employ someone to do. The savings available depend on how successfully a system will do this for you. So, don’t just think about what a potential system will cost your organisation. Think about what it will save.

There’s every chance the provider that charges the least will be offering a basic solution that won’t lighten your workload. Potential savings are as important as potential costs – and the more a system is saving you, the better it is functioning for everyone that uses it. This includes potential candidates, which is key in attracting applications from the best qualified people available.

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Pricing has many dependencies

The main areas that pricing will vary. Usually, they’ll be depending on will be overall headcount, the number of users you wish to include, level of functionality (and therefore time spent tailoring a system to your needs) and the number of hires you’ll be making annually.

There are so many variables involved in pricing an Applicant Tracking System. It’s not easy to predict or give a price upfront. Don’t let this deter you and be ready to ask for indicative pricing once you’re able to supply the relevant information.

Getting that ballpark figure may be all you need to decide whether your department has the budget for implementing an ATS this financial year or if it will take more time and maybe even a business case to get the superior system that is right for you.

Some costs can’t be measured

The benefits of having an ATS will not only impact your HR/Recruitment teams, but everyone you’ll hire in the future. A good quality ATS will help you stand out against your competitors and will enable you to choose from the best quality candidates. Nothing turns off job hunters as much as dealing with an online application process that asks the same information repeatedly, contains irrelevant mandatory fields and continually crashes mid-application.

A good ATS can pay dividends you may never have foreseen.

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