Recruitment isn’t easy, and handling the different stages of the hiring process from candidate screening and interviews to offers and hiring can be a daunting task for even the most skilled of in-house recruiters.

Sometimes, in the midst of a hiring process, candidate experience can be at risk and you could lose the perfect hire for your organisation. Sifting through countless applications, scheduling interviews and reformatting job adverts isn’t the best use of your recruiter’s time when these mundane processes can be automated instantly.

Recruitment automation is the easy answer for better recruitment management and candidate experience. Using software to streamline recruitment processes ensures you get the most out of your recruiters and simplify the recruitment process massively. Automation can increase the productivity of your HR teams by using seamless workflows to cut the cost-per-hire and time-to-hire. Hireserve’s automated recruitment software is designed to empower recruiters and candidates with the aim of improving hiring. Using recruitment automation, recruiters can set criteria to increase the suitability of candidates, leading to increased job satisfaction for new hires and an improved retention rate for new employees.

Automating talent acquisition gives recruiters the time to delve into the details of each suited candidate, maximising the effectiveness of your selection process. HR teams can find the perfect candidate efficiently and with fewer resources as your recruiters expertise and judgement is put to better use with a tighter pool of suited candidates.

So, how can different stages of the hiring process benefit from recruitment automation? 



Automated Job Advertisements

Crafting a job advert is the first and one of the most important steps in the entire recruitment process. The job advert you post will be the first thing any prospective candidate sees and will give an impression of your company. A job advertisement affects both the volume and quality of applicants, even the tone of a job description may impact an individual’s decision to submit an application so it’s important to start off on the right foot.

Job Boards

Wouldn’t it be nice to increase the reach of your new job advert by posting across multiple job boards and sites automatically? Say no more, Hireserve offers you the chance to integrate with a range of job boards from niche industry sites to the big names, using our ‘Multiple Job Boards Integration’ tool.

Hireserve ATS allows you to connect with your personal or professional networking platforms and post vacancies instantly. Simply select the channels you want to post to, and your job will be shared.

Automated Social Media Job Posts

The same benefits of automation apply to social media channels! You can broaden the reach of your recruitment instantaneously by using our ‘Social Integrations’ tool to simultaneously post across your business’ social channels.

Utilising social media in recruitment increases your applicant’s brand awareness as they can discern the culture of your workplace and leads to more suited applications. With the Hireserve Facebook plug-in, you can add a careers section on your Facebook business page and enable your followers to simply and easily apply for a role with you. The same goes for your company Twitter account as you can make use of automatic job tweets to involve more people and encourage shares through retweets and quotes.



Talent Acquisition and Shortlisting

Talent acquisition is key to your company’s growth, and can be easily optimised through recruitment automation. Recruiting automation software dramatically accelerates the time per recruit as recruiters and hiring managers can tailor their applicant searches. Save precious hours combing through CVs and enable recruiters to find the best candidates for the position quickly, using automation to bolster the candidate search.

Automatic Talent Search

Hireserve’s ‘Talent Search’ tool enables you to easily search your candidate database for keywords relating to your vacancy. You can search for a number of terms, from specific skills to a certain industry, and assign different weights and importance to each one. The talent search tool automatically scours candidate profiles, enabling you to see which candidates match your weighted search and the terms of the job description most effectively. You’ll be able to identify the best applicants and create shortlists for interview processes more quickly, reducing the chance of losing top talent to your competitors.

Automated Candidate Screening

A good recruitment process will eliminate unsuitable candidates from the very beginning, so that neither job seekers nor recruiters waste time. But spending time reviewing CVs that aren’t right for your current vacancy or suited to your business is a drain on HR time and resources.

Automatic ‘Killer Questions’

Automation provides you with the Candidate Screening tools to avoid this kind of recruitment hassle and to streamline the selection process. Hireserve offers the ‘Killer Questions’ tool: questions that result in automatic rejection if candidates give the wrong yes/no answer to the requirement. For instance, a potential recruit may have to answer a question such as ‘are you eligible to work in the UK?’



Pre-employment Questionnaires

Certain roles may require very specific skills or experience, and recruiters can have a hard time if they do not have access to this information as early as possible in the screening process. A key benefit of automating and integrating Job Specific Questions into pre-employment questionnaires is that you ensure that potential recruits meet your hiring requirements.

Hireserve allows you complete customisation within automation functionalities, so you will be able to customise your and have answers automatically scored and weighed according to your company’s unique requirements and the job description.



Verifying Candidate Information

The importance of verifying candidate information cannot be understated, particularly in roles which require documentation such as a DBS.  Automation makes pre-employment checks easy and stress-free and ensures your candidate has the appropriate documentation. From uploading proof of right to work to requesting ID from your new recruit, no more will recruiters have to chase documents from applicants! With Hireserve software, you can schedule checks to happen at any stage of the recruitment process as best suits your company’s needs.

Automated Reference Requests

Reference and qualification checks are vital for gaining candidate insights, but too often it is time consuming and complicated. Hireserve offers an ‘Automated Reference Requests’ tool. This automated reference requests feature software is highly flexible, reducing administration for you and your team and improving your organisation’s time per recruit. Send bespoke automated emails, check qualifications at different stages for different jobs and trigger manual reference requests with ease.


Online Interview Automated Invitations

Online interviews are quickly becoming standard practice in most recruitment processes, particularly for first-round and group interviews which tend to be the most time-consuming for hiring managers.  Offering an online interview can be made even more efficient through recruitment automation, as invites can be sent directly to applicants through ATS software, creating consistent and streamlined communications.

Interviewing can be repetitive and it is often difficult to get a real sense of who the best candidate is.  The Hireserve platform has the capability to conduct professional video interviews which get the best out of all parties. Using our Online Interview tool to chat, share additional information and update potential recruits, you can forget the hassle of having to set up an individual Teams or Zoom meeting each time you run a remote interview.

Interview Scheduling Automation

Interview scheduling can be a real drain on your team’s time and resources, not least this, you may end up losing top talent if they can’t make the appointment you suggest. Eliminate the back-and-forth of interview scheduling through streamlined, self-service automation. Automating the process of interview scheduling enables Human Resources teams to spend their time on refining the interview process and finding the perfect recruit!

The Hireserve ATS ‘Self-select Interview’ tool enables candidates to select their own online interview slots via their candidate portal. This automated functionality improves candidate experience in the recruitment process as the software empowers candidates, putting them in charge of scheduling.

Hireserve ATS enables recruiters to add their own unique online interview link to the system, which can then be used time and time again for any interviews. Automation enables recruiters to pre-set the time they are available so that candidates can easily select a slot via our Interview Scheduling tool.



Automatic Communications

A huge element of preserving the candidate experience throughout a recruitment process is communicating effectively with all applicants, regardless of whether they turn out to be your new hire. Unsuccessful applicants may wish to keep their details with your company if they benefit from a good experience, helping to build talent pools for future hiring processes.

Recruitment communication automations enable HR managers to save masses of time by crafting a response once which will automatically be personalised and sent to all the right people, on time. This way, hiring managers don’t have to worry about sending out separate interview invitations or rejection letters. Via the automated process, messages can be fully customised, so candidates feel recognised and recruitment managers don’t have to stress about the potential delays or miscommunication involved in the recruitment process.

SMS Communication Automation

Hireserve’s SMS integration tool streamlines automatic communications further. Recruiters can use text messages to connect with candidates on a more personal level. SMS automation is ideal for sending reminders and details for interviews or assessment days, such as directions, who to ask for when they arrive and any other useful information to make your candidates’ experience that little bit easier.



Recruitment automation is your secret weapon when hiring the top talent for your company.

Streamline mundane tasks and bulk communications while ensuring a personal touch throughout the recruitment process. Involving automation in your recruiting processes enables your HR team to spend more time on finding the perfect candidate in the interview stages rather than sifting through endless admin.

Hireserve’s software is designed to provide a seamless, automated recruitment process with a human touch. Find out more about different features of Hireserve’s ATS automation can elevate your hiring strategies.

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