With so many organisations recruiting on shoestring budgets, HR and recruitment teams are having to depend more and more on the tools at their disposal in order to continue delivering high quality, and often high-volume results.

Below we examine how Hireserve ATS has made tangible improvements to the recruitment process while still saving on costs for organisations across all kinds of sectors.

Council Slashes Time-To-Hire and Saves £25,000

Lincolnshire County Council has over 4,500 employees and delivers a range of services to residents across seven districts. The Council already had an ATS but were frustrated with its lack of flexibility.

The Council chose to replace their previous solution with Hireserve ATS, using the solution across the entire end-to-end hiring process. Hireserve’s recruitment technology enabled to council to reap “significant time and cost benefits” according to Alison Miller, Resourcing Service Delivery Advisor at Lincolnshire County Council. Miller goes on to share how “perhaps the most significant changes can be seen in our Recruitment Administration team, whereby we have been able to save c. £25,000 through automation and a refreshed team structure.”

After seeing the benefits the ATS brought to the organisation’s hiring process, the Council have also gone on to use Hireserve ATS within the candidate onboarding stage. As a public sector organisation, the Council have a wide range of references to collect and have built seven different request forms within Hireserve ATS.

With an entirely automated hiring and on-boarding process, Lincolnshire County Council has saved, on average, 18 days in their end-to-end hiring process.

Read the full case study here.

Interview Scheduler Tool Helps Debt Charity Save £20,000

StepChange Debt Charity was founded in 1992 and are the UK’s leading debt charity. StepChange raises awareness of the issues debt can cause in the UK, offering free advice, support and solutions to over 500,000 people a year.

Prior to implementing Hireserve ATS, all of StepChange’s processes were paper-based. With an average of 150 candidates applying for each individual call centre role alone, it was vital for the charity to put the right ATS in place to streamline the hiring processes.

Perhaps the most significant success can be seen in the charity’s interview processes. Previously Carol and her colleague had to phone each candidate in order to arrange interview slots.

Carol Barker, Recruitment Coordinator at StepChange Debt Charity, reviewed five different recruitment systems before choosing Hireserve ATS due to the great level of configurability it offered.

Hireserve’s ‘Interview Scheduler’ tool, which allows applicants to choose their interview slot through Hireserve’s candidate portal, has proven to be a significant success for StepChange, with no-show rates reduced and the burden of back-and-forth email or phone calls dramatically decreased.

Carol estimates that using Interview Scheduler has saved the charity 30 minutes/application, translating as approx. £20,000 per annum.

Read the full case study here.

Hireserve ATS Saves £16,000 for Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

RBG Kew implemented did not have an ATS in place before they implemented Hireserve ATS and were manually processing up to 10,000 applications per year.

Due to their international reputation, RBG Kew would often see incredibly high volumes of applications due to talent wanting to get a foot in the door at the prestigious organisation. This is where Hireserve ATS comes in with its ‘Killer Question’ feature.

‘Killer Questions’ is a Hireserve ATS tool which enables organisations to set required criteria questions for candidates to complete before they are able to progress to the rest of the application process. For example, a not-for-profit organisation may ask: “Do you have fundraising experience?”

If the answer is ‘no’, Hireserve ATS prevents the applicant from progressing to the next stage of the application as they do not meet the minimum criteria.  This simple step significantly reduces the time HR and recruitment teams spent reading applications that simply aren’t suitable.

Even though individual applications may only take a few minutes to read, if your hiring team – much like the RGB Kew team – are facing huge volumes then these minutes can quickly turn into hours, or even days. This feature also maintains transparency with candidates as they do not waste their own time or efforts on applications that they are unsuitable for.

For RGB Kew the massive reduction in administrative burden allowed the organisation to make a tangible cost saving of £16,000 per annum.

Read the full case study here.

Hireserve are proud to have made an impact with so many incredible organisations and teams, allowing HR and recruitment professionals to focus on more strategic goals and make considerable cost savings.

Check out our product page to learn more about the multitude of Hireserve ATS features and what else the technology has to offer. While the ‘Killer Question’ and ‘Interview Scheduler’ features have contributed to positive changes with our current customers, Hireserve ATS boasts many other tools, from CV anonymisation to Data & Reporting.

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