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June 2021

In this webinar, we demonstrate the new the new pre-employment checks module of Hireserve ATS: Hirechecks! Not only will the module help you save time actioning pre-employment checks and reduce the human error involved in scanning and filing documents, Hirechecks will also allow you to easily analyse which checks have been completed and which haven’t, and even report on areas of the process that could be improved.

Watch the recording: Introducing Hirechecks
Download: The full slide deck
Download: An introduction to Hirechecks

Online Interview Link functionality webinar

March 2021

In this webinar, we demonstrate the new Online Interview Link functionality in Hireserve ATS, from creating a new URL using Microsoft Teams or Zoom to finalising your interviews and sending the link in confirmation emails to candidates.

Watch the recording: Online interview functionality
Download: The full slide deck
Download: Our quickstart guide to Online Interview Link functionality

Roundup webinar

September 2020

In this webinar, we take you through our new shortlisting developments in the Hiring Manager Portal, show you around our new Help system, and take a look at some of our recent integrations. We also look ahead to the new Hirechecks module ahead of its release.

Watch the recording: September roundup
Download: The full slide deck

Online interviewing

April 2020

In this webinar, Caleb takes a deep dive into how you can take your interviews online. The session focuses on the configuration of Email Templates and Tracking Types and is aimed at System Administrators looking to support their teams in shifting to new methods of communication.

Watch the recording: Online interviewing
Download: The full slide deck

Hiring Manager Portal overview

January 2020

In this webinar, Caleb will demonstrate the new Hiring Manager Portal and what you can expect ahead of its roll out over the coming weeks.

Watch the recording: Hiring Manager Portal overview
Download: The full slide deck

Candidate assessment criteria

October 2019

In this webinar, Caleb demonstrates the benefits of using candidate assessment criteria in your shortlisting processes, and how to configure it to meet your specific requirements.

Watch it now: Candidate assessment criteria
Download: The full slide deck

Data Visualisation Refresher and new ‘Scenes’

May 2019

In this webinar, we recap the Data Visualisation tool and how it can transform your reports into impactful graphs and charts within Hireserve ATS. We also introduce the new ‘Scenes’ functionality, and how it can save you time when visualising your recruitment data.

Watch it now: Data Visualisation Refresher
Download: The full slide deck

Understanding contract and offer letters in Hireserve ATS

October 2018

Rob looks into contract and offer letters in Hireserve ATS – from the benefits of using the feature, to learning how to create and manage your offer letter and contract templates, and also how to collect New Starter information from candidates.

Watch it now: Understanding contract and offer letters
Download: The full slide deck

Data Protection functionality in Hireserve ATS

May 2018

Rob takes us through the new Data Protection functionality in Hireserve ATS, which will ensure you have the tools you need to meet your data controller responsibilities.

Watch it now: Data Protection functionality 
Download: The full slide deck

Introduction to Talent Search

April 2018

Rob provides an introduction to Talent Search, a tool in Hireserve ATS which allows you to build talent pools, and search for candidates against the criteria you need.

Watch it now: Introduction to Talent Search 
Download: The full slide deck

Introduction to Report Builder

January 2018

Rob introduces Report Builder, a tool available in Hireserve ATS which allows you to create custom reports, and view data specific to your needs.

Watch it now: Introduction to Report Builder
Download: The full slide deck

Webinar archive

Our previous webinars are still available for you to watch, from 2015 onwards. 

Introduction to data visualisation

November 2017

Rob introduces data visualisation, a new tool available in Hireserve ATS which can transform your recruitment data into visual graphs and charts.

Watch it now: Introduction to data visualisation
Download: The full slide deck

Preparing for GDPR

October 2017

We welcome Lucy Kendall, Director of Comply GDPR, to offer her expert guidance to help you and your colleagues prepare for the new legislation.

Watch it now: Preparing for GDPR webinar

New Interface Enhancements

April 2017

Rob provides a tour of updates made to your User Interface, from an improved use of space to more effective Quickfind tool.

Watch it now: Interface Enhancements webinar
Download: The full slide deck 

Introduction to ATS Reports

January 2017

Rob focuses on 3 key ATS reports: Source, Cost-per-hire and Agency Activity.

Watch it now: ATS Reports webinar
Download: The full slide deck

Apply Button technology

October 2016

Rob talks through the benefits and features of new Apply Button technology enhancements.

Watch it now: Apply Button technology webinar
Download: The full slide deck

Killer Questions

July 2016

Rob explores Killer Questions (not as scary as they sound!) to help improve your screening and encourage fewer unsuitable candidates to apply.

Watch it now: Killer Questions webinar
Download: The full slide deck

Automated Interview Scheduling

April 2016

Rob demonstrates how Automated Interview Scheduling can streamline administration and save time for both you and your candidates!

Watch it now: Automated Interview Scheduling webinar
Download: Your quick guide to system parameters
Download: The full slide deck

Automatic Reference Collection

January 2016

Rob takes a closer look at the Automatic Reference Collection tool to simplify the reference collection process.

Watch it now: Automatic Reference Collection webinar

Assessment Criteria

July 2015

Rob explains how Assessment Criteria can be used and answers customer questions in a webinar from the Hireserve team.

Watch it now: Assessment Criteria webinar 

Job Specific Questions

May 2015

Rob explains what Job Specific Questions (JSQ) are, how they can be used and answers customer queries.

Watch it now: JSQ webinar

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