Recruitment SMS Technology

With brand new 2-way recruitment SMS technology, you can
now communicate with your candidates over text message.

We’re always looking for ways to make your recruitment
administration simpler and your candidate communication stronger.

Connect with your candidates over SMS.

Final Oxygen8 Text test with outline - SOFTER - resized, webRecruitment SMS Technology – what is it?



Our new recruitment SMS technology means that you can send automated texts to candidates from your Applicant Tracking System.

It’s ideal for sending interview reminders, or asking candidates to confirm their attendance at an interview or assessment day.

And because it’s 2-way SMS technology, this means that your candidates can text you back!

For example, you can send candidates a text reminding them of their interview details.

You can ask candidates to confirm their attendance with a simple YES/NO reply and their response is then recorded in Hireserve ATS.

New-SMS-Engage-Hub-bubbles-transparentHow does it work?


We’ve developed this unique recruitment SMS functionality alongside Engage Hub, a global customer-engagement solutions provider.

Powered by Engage Hub’s 2-way SMS technology and fully integrated with Hireserve ATS, this is the next step in progressive and proactive candidate communication.

“This new integration with Engage Hub reduces email administration for our customers and enhances candidate experience. We’re ensuring in-house recruiters can make every step of the recruitment process easier, quicker and more connected for their candidates.”
Jeremy Ovenden, Founder and Managing Director, Hireserve

To discover more, read the full press release here.

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